By: Lynda Chance
Chapter One

Logan Crenshaw finished paying for his coffee and turned away from the counter, holding a cup with one hand and snapping his wallet closed with the other. There were at least four people in line behind him, and as he moved out of their way, he glanced up and his gaze was immediately caught and held by a pair of amazing blue eyes with the longest, darkest eyelashes he'd ever seen. His footsteps stalled as an instantaneous, raw arrow of heat immobilized him. A delicate female face looked back at him and a soft pink flush filled the contoured cheekbones before the woman quickly looked away, undoubtedly knowing that she'd been caught staring. The profile she turned to him was eminently feminine, and as he watched, she hastily turned her attention to the manila folder spread out in front of her.

She was sitting at a table, alone, and as he shoved his wallet in his back pocket, he continued to look at her. She was unquestionably beautiful with long, soft hair and graceful features. She sat still and quiet and a subtle tension seemed to have stiffened her shoulders. She refused to look at him again and he glanced swiftly around the semi-crowded coffee shop before zeroing in on her once again. He knew he should probably look away, but hell, she was beautiful in a sultry, exotic way, in a way that attracted him instantly, and anyway, she'd started it by staring at him first. A primitive hunger clawed through his guts, hardening him beyond comfort, and a sudden need to touch her overcame him.

Fuck. This was his own damn fault; he knew he should have jacked-off this morning.

Having gotten the coffee he came in for, he'd been about to turn and leave. While he was certainly fearless enough to walk up to her, there was something about her that told him a bold move at this moment wouldn't be well received. But as the soft lines of her profile showed an unease that indicated she continued to be aware of him, Logan knew there was no way in hell that he could just leave, and he made the quick decision to sit for a while.

He turned away and snagged one of the only open tables, where he could see her from behind, but couldn't be observed in return unless she turned around completely. He wanted to make sure she wasn't with anyone, or possibly meeting someone, before he approached her. And he knew he had to approach her. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and sat it on the table and took a healthy drink of coffee. He debated what the hell he was doing, but as he watched her, her hand reached out and she scribbled something on the document she was reading. Was he only imaging the slight tremor he saw in her slender fingers? Did she know he sat behind her?

As his gaze pierced her narrow shoulders and the delicate line of her back, libidinous thoughts filled his head. Thoughts of ripping the shirt from her body and laving the nipples he'd find with his tongue. Her hair looked just long enough to wrap around him as he thrust inside of her, and those slender fingers painted a pale pink were enticing him to imagine them wrapping around his cock and relieving him of the hard-on he had for her.

So the question was: Did he have a shot at her? The way she'd been watching him indicated that he might, and the way he was jonesing for her already told him that he knew he was going to find out before he left this place.

He realized his coffee cup was empty and he'd been sitting there for ten minutes fighting a boner that refused to go away, when she began to gather her things together and slipped the folder into a large purse. Now that she was standing, he could see that she was only medium height, and she was dressed in tight, albeit, conservative, jeans. She wore a purple t-shirt and medium heels, and the entire combination enflamed his senses. She slipped the strap over her shoulder and prepared to leave. Unconsciously graceful, she looked neither to the left nor to the right as she made her way to the back of the store where the restrooms were located.

Logan didn't waste a second. He slipped his cell phone in his pocket and dumped his coffee cup in the same can that she'd used. As she disappeared inside the restroom, he walked up to the kid who'd waited on him earlier. The line was gone now, and the male barista, who didn't look much older than a teenager, turned to him when Logan leaned on the counter. "The woman who's been sitting there," he began, indicating the chair she'd vacated.

The kid's eyes widened and he came to attention. "Yeah?"

"You know the one I'm talking about?"

The kid lifted his chin in a quick affirmation and raised his eyebrows. "It'd be hard to miss her, dude."

Logan nodded his head. That was the damn truth. She was hotter than hell. "Have you ever seen her before?"


"She come in here often then?"

The kid leaned closer and crossed his arms over the counter a foot away from Logan. "Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually."

"Thanks. I owe you."

"Nah. Just lookin' out for you, bro. Good luck."

"Yeah, thanks." Logan turned away and went to stand in the small vestibule outside of the women's restroom.

Maybe he'd be accused of stalking, but then again . . . maybe not.


Lauren walked from the restroom and came to an abrupt halt as she saw the man leaning against the wall, casually masculine, in a relaxed posture with his boots crossed in front of him and his fingers hooked into the front pockets of his jeans. Crap. She'd thought he'd left, she really had.