Arrested By Love

By: Kathryn R. Blake

He acted so old-fashioned and formal that even her father was secretly amused when Kyle promised to have Tiffany home no later than eleven o'clock. Tiffany wanted to remind him she was twenty-one years old now, and her parents actually did let her stay out past midnight without grounding her, but she held her tongue. Something told her, given the way he was acting, that he'd scold her for being disrespectful if she said something that sarcastic.

For their first "official" date together, Kyle had selected A Night in Paris as their restaurant. It was one of Tiffany's favorites, since she loved French cooking. Though she usually shied away from it when going out on a date, because of all the garlic. However, if they were both eating it, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

Afterwards, he took her dancing at the Regency Ballroom. The establishment pretended to be an American Almack's, but the kids who ended up there usually took over the music by 10 P.M. and bribed the live band to drop the waltzes and go for something a little more contemporary.

Kyle actually frowned when Tiffany started gyrating to What's Love Got to do With It, then he reluctantly joined her. He was a little stiff at times, so Tiffany was determined to loosen him up. She wanted him to kiss her tonight, not just give her a peck on the back of her hand, which was far more likely if all they did was waltz together.

Even so, there was a lot to be said for slow dancing. She rested her head against his firm chest, her cheek pressed a little above his heart, and wrapped both her arms around his broad shoulders. She loved the way his shoulders looked sharp and disciplinary in his uniform, however, she practically drooled over the way his silky suit draped his upper body, as though it had been made especially for him.

Holding her close, almost in a cuddle on the dance floor, he handled her gently, but with the firm assurance of a man who knew how women liked to be touched.

He danced with both of his hands resting at the small of her back, and his arms securely wrapped around her waist. Not so tightly that she couldn't pull away if she wished to, and yet with enough pressure to let her know he was there and he would and could protect her if it became necessary.

Those same hands had severely spanked her just a few days ago. She'd appreciated their firm strength then, but now she luxuriated in the way they rested against her, just above the area he'd so thoroughly punished when he took her over his knee. His firm domination combined with his gentle handling had her panties soaked so badly, she was afraid she'd end up embarrassing herself.

When he'd determined their date was over he took her home, gave her a warm and sexy kiss at the door, then waited until she was safely inside and said good-bye to her parents before he turned and left.

Even though Tiffany really didn't want to admit it aloud, she realized she'd fallen head over heels in love with Kyle from the first time he'd spanked her, when she was only ten. Once she realized he intended to paddle her, she'd been angry and outraged over his domineering stance and attitude. She wasn't his little sister, and he had no right to handle her so strictly.

She'd wailed and cried, and even threatened to tell her Daddy about his mistreatment of her. Except she wasn't that badly hurt. Only her pride was. He'd clearly cared enough to risk punishing her for having needlessly endangered her life. And even though the spanking was painful, his cuddling and reassurance afterwards almost made the punishment worth it. Enough so, she'd occasionally test him to see if he'd do it again. Much to her surprise, delight, and occasional dismay for her very sore backside, he'd see to it that she had trouble sitting down if her actions could have proved hazardous to her safety or well-being.

He was clearly a dominant, alpha male, which greatly annoyed her at times, especially when he thought it necessary to lecture her. But it was those same protective traits that attracted Tiffany to Kyle. Okay, not so much the lectures, perhaps, as much as it was his quiet strength and demonstrated ability to look after her. She'd felt the power beneath those muscles many times when he'd protectively carried her out of harm's way as if she weighed nothing.

True, she wasn't exceptionally heavy, but she wasn't a light weight by any means, either. However, it was the lengths she was willing to go to just to get his attention that usually got her into serious trouble with him.

Except now that they were actually dating, Tiffany no longer had to go to those extremes to get Kyle's attention. He gave it to her unstintingly. When they were together every bit of his attention was focused on her, as if she was the only other person in the world. It was a heady feeling, and a little embarrassing at times when he'd probe her with personal questions because she was acting bratty, cranky or out of sorts.

In the four and half months they dated, he hadn't spanked her once. Possibly because she hadn't given him a need to. When she hurt from her period, he'd confirm the reason for her snapping at him with quick efficiency, then comfort her with lots of kisses and a warm hand on her tummy to ease the cramping. It usually worked better than Ibuprofen.

The longer they dated, the more Tiffany wanted Kyle to make love to her. Except he was insistent on being a gentleman about it. He'd kiss and even pet her until her toes curled with pleasure, but he wouldn't consummate their relationship by claiming her virginity. Though he clearly wasn't a prude about sex, since he most willingly gave her many orgasms--sometimes with his very talented lips and tongue, and even more often with his long, probing fingers.