Arrested By Love

By: Kathryn R. Blake

Though he was finding it harder and harder to maintain his distance, he always did his best to treat her like a very strict older brother. Reckless stunts, anything that put her life in danger, he dealt with swiftly and harshly, usually with her ending up panties down over his knees for a firm paddling. However, he never spanked her really hard or long, and would only use his hand.

She'd always cry a little and want to be comforted afterwards, and yet, over the last few months or so, he was beginning to think she wasn't taking his punishments very seriously. How could she, when he kept catching her doing stupidly reckless things far more often, the older she got? And her stunts, though usually not critically dangerous, were getting more and more serious.

Even so, he was sensitive to her tears and usually let her up at the first sign of them to give her a warm hug. He tried to limit the kissing, but found it extremely difficult when she'd catch him opened mouthed and mid-sentence. Because when Tiffany put her tongue in his mouth, Kyle had a hell of a time not reciprocating. If the stunt she'd pulled was merely stupid, he'd usually let her go with a simple scolding and a warning that if he caught her at it again, she'd be spending a much longer time over his knees.

Now, three years after he'd saved her butt from getting raped by an asshole, he'd caught her recklessly speeding--on purpose. And he was angry enough this time to give Miss Tiffany Anne Morgan's bare backside a lot more than a few light swats. Except Kyle knew if she agreed to the punishment he intended to propose that he would not be able to let her go this time. And though he wasn't a total dickwad, he felt, deep down, that Tiffany deserved someone better than him. At least he felt that way until he caught her, through the reflection in his glasses, sticking her tongue out at him.

With an inward grin, he lifted his index finger to let her know he saw, and he'd just added one swat to his already mounting count. He saw her eyes widen and knew she'd gotten his message. Then he watched as she submissively slunk down in the back seat.

With a nod to himself, Kyle removed his glasses and hung them on his belt then opening the driver-side door he turned off his light bar, quietly shut the door, opened the back door and leaned in to gaze down at the girl he'd decided he needed to have in his life. Seeing she remained in her submissive pose, he said, "Well, Miss Morgan. It looks like you have a very important decision to make."

* * *

Tiffany sat up a little straighter and gazed at him through slightly curious and very wary eyes.

"Here's what I propose," Kyle said leaning down a little closer to her. "You can either spend a night in jail for attempting to bribe a police officer.... Orrr," he paused for effect as she listened breathlessly for his next words. "Or, you can spend an indefinite amount of time with your panties off, your front side draped over my knees, and your delightfully cute bottom spanked with two swats for every MPH you went over the limit, as well as an additional five for attempting to bribe me, and one extra for sticking your tongue out. I believe that currently brings us to a grand total of fifty-six swats," he added, one eyebrow arched as he awaited her reply.

"Fifty-six swats! Are you crazy? I wouldn't be able to sit for weeks if you did that to me. You must be a fucking pervert to even suggest such a thing!"

"That will be five more swats for swearing, young lady. And if I hear you say "fucking" again, I'll add washing your mouth out with soap to your punishment."

Tiffany clamped her lips together and glared at him. She knew from past experience that he'd make good on any threat or warning he gave her, so she had good reason to guard her tongue.

He gave his head a slight tilt. "Your little language slip makes it sixty-one now, and I await your reply."

"You can't be serious, Kyle," she said finally.

"You should know by now that I don't joke about anything that threatens your life or well-being. And reckless driving resides at the top of the list."

"I won't do it," she stated, her lovely green eyes sparkling with inner fire.

"That is your choice, of course. I'm sure your father will be heartbroken to learn his little girl has to spend a night in jail because she bribed a police officer with a blow job in a very unwise effort to avoid getting a speeding ticket."

"You wouldn't!" she spat back him.

"Oh, honey. I definitely would." He stood back, ready to close her door.

"Kyle!" Tiffany called, genuine worry in her voice.

He popped his head back in. "I'm going to give you five minutes to think about it. If you refuse to give me answer, I will assume you wish to spend the night in jail. Unfortunately, it will mean you'll have a record, and you'll have to be finger-printed, but I've heard the cots at the station aren't too uncomfortable."


He smiled. "The count just went up to sixty-six, honey, and I intend to start adding swats the longer you thwart me in this. So think carefully about it, Tiff. You have a lot at stake here."

"Argh!" Tiffany growled at him as he shut the door. Kyle smiled, then after checking his watch, he went back to stand in front of his car again.