Arrested By Love

By: Kathryn R. Blake

Getting back into the car, he brought the door to a near close again and drew her back against his chest. "I don't like seeing you so miserable, Tiff. But even though it breaks my heart, I am not going to relent on this. I will be honest and warn you it's going to hurt. A lot. And you'd best think up a plausible excuse to tell your dad why you can't sit comfortably for a couple of days. However, I can also promise that your luscious bottom will suffer no lasting marks from this punishment. No marks at all, if I can help it."

"That's not very comforting, Kyle," she whispered, pressing back to get closer to him, so he wrapped his arms about her and simply held her until she'd settled a little bit more.

Then gently pushing her from him, he used his best police officer arresting voice and said sternly, "This is a punishment, Tiffany Anne. And as such I'm going to do my best to make it very uncomfortable for you in many ways." He lifted the blanket from her shoulders and set it aside. "Now, lower your undies and place yourself in the proper position on my lap. I'm not going to help you this time. You need to do it yourself."

She covered her face with her hands again. "I can't," she whimpered.

"Yes, you can." He turned her so she faced him and adopted a stern expression. "Underwear down. Now, young lady. Unless you want me to start adding swats again."

Tiffany's face immediately crumpled and she looked like she would wail again, but she held it together and, with great reluctance, slowly did as he'd instructed. When her bottom was bare, he leaned back against the seat and patted his lap. "You know the position. Take it now please."

She began to shake her head until he arched an eyebrow. Then, she let out a small sob and inched her way across the seat on her hands and knees with all the speed of a snail until her stomach was properly positioned over his lap. Once there, she lay down with her head resting on her crossed arms, and legs stretched out behind her. Kyle considered tucking her legs beneath his right thigh, then decided against further restraint at this time with the full understanding that it could well prove necessary later. Since he intended to make this a long and very painful session for his girl.

"Skirt needs to be raised above your waist," he reminded, arms at his sides.

After letting out another little sob, she shifted and squirmed on his lap until her skirt was raised and her bottom was completely exposed to him, then she lay back down.

She was being a very good girl, so he lightly rubbed her for a moment in order to get her to relax a little. If she could keep from tensing her muscles, the spanking wouldn't be nearly as painful or intense for her. However, he knew from experience that asking or expecting her to relax in that way was practically impossible.

Speaking in a low, soothing voice, he said, "You have a very pretty bottom, Tiffany Anne Morgan, and I hate having to be so harsh with it, and you." She let out a sigh that bordered on a sob, but he felt her relax.

"Good girl," he praised, then keeping to his word, he issued the command he knew would totally push her over the edge. "When you're ready, I need you to beg me to begin your correction."

"Kyle!" she protested, jerking her head up and tightening her buttocks with resistance.

He continued his gentle rubbing. "I'm sorry, Tiffany, but that's the way it needs to be. You recklessly endangered your own life--on purpose. Therefore, I need you to admit aloud, both for yourself and me, the reason you are being punished today, and beg me to administer a well-deserved and necessary paddling to ensure that you never exhibit such dangerous, juvenile behavior again." Though he didn't raise his voice, he made sure his tone grew sterner with every word he said.

That set her off as she collapsed back down on his lap and wailed, then tried to talk between her sobs. "I'm sorry, Kyle. I promise to never break the speed limit again, but please don't make me beg you to punish me. I can't. It's just too humiliating."

He didn't say anything for a moment as he continued to lightly rub her until she settled a little more. Then he asked, "Tiffany, do you accept that I only want you safe?"

She gave her head a little shake.

"Verbal acknowledgement, please," he reminded.

"Yes, sir," she conceded a little wetly.

"Do you know what it is that you did wrong, and what I am punishing you for?"

"Going over the speed limit?" she answered softly, beginning to relax again.

"No. That's not it."

"Driving recklessly?" she offered uncertainly.

"That's part of it, yes. And why do you think I consider that to be so bad?"

"Because I could get hurt. But Kyle, forty-five miles an hour isn't that fast. It's not as if I was driving ninety through the middle of town."

"Tiffany, are you going to argue with me about this now?"

"No, sir," she answered a little sullenly.

"Smart choice. Now given that I am concerned for your safety and feel you recklessly endangered your life with your shenanigans today, do you believe my punishment fair?"

She gave a little snort at that, and he responded with a light smack on her buttocks.

"Ow," she murmured, turning back to scowl up at him.