Arrested By Love

By: Kathryn R. Blake

Pressing down on her shoulders, he said, "It won't kill you." However, the moment the lotion touched a sleeping nerve, Tiffany arched her back and screamed. She didn't buck or jerk, but held completely still, like it hurt too much for her to move. Then she screamed so loud his ears rang.

"Tiffany!" he yelled back so he could be heard over cries. "Count backwards from ten!" he ordered sharply. The counting would help distract her, and it usually took less than ten seconds for the lotion to provide ease once he had it completely spread over the area."

Except rather than count, she just continued screaming.

Realizing yelling wasn't getting him anywhere, he lowered his voice to a murmur, kept his grasp firm, and his touch light. "I know its hurting really badly now, Tiff," Another scream. "But this will help, I promise." A less frantic yell. "Just count back with me, sweetheart. Please." A sob. "Ten," he prompted and she repeated it after him.

"Good girl, stay with me here. "Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five...."

She dutifully repeated each number after him, though he didn't need to go any lower than five, for she lay down again with a sigh and relaxed completely.

"That's my girl. It's much, much better now. Isn't it?"

"Mmm." Was the only response he received from her, so he kept up a one-sided conversation as he continued to very gently work the lotion into her skin.

"I know this wasn't easy for you, and it certainly wasn't easy for me. Even so, I'm proud of the way you finally accepted your punishment, Tiff. You're a very brave girl, and you handled yourself like the lovely young woman you are."

She snorted at that, but didn't contradict him.

When the color of her buttocks had gone from nearly purple to a bright pink, he was satisfied the lotion had been properly dispersed, and though he loved rubbing her backside, and could do it all day long, he knew it was time for her to get back home. Her parents would be worried.

"Okay, sweetheart. Let's get you up and dressed now, all right?"

She let out a disgruntled groan at that pronouncement.

"Yes I know you're finally comfortable and really don't want to move, but your mom and dad are going to be worried about you if you don't get home soon." He moved his leg and shifted her so she was lying flat again, receiving yet another groan of disapproval for disturbing her. "Up you go, sweetheart," he urged helping her rise to her knees. "Let's get your panties on first, okay?"

She shook her head. "Don't want to. It's gonna hurt," she protested with a pout.

Ignoring her he reached on the floor for her discarded underwear, then held them out to her. "Sit down, and we'll get these back on you."

"You're joking. Right?" she asked, staring at him in disbelief. "You really think I can sit right now?"

"Yes, I do. It's going to feel a bit like sitting on a really bad sunburn, but you can manage it."

She shook her head. "I don't think so, Kyle. This vinyl seat is really hard, and cold."

"Tiffanny...," he warned softly, letting her know this was not the time for her to be arguing with him.

She winced then moved very gingerly. The moment her butt hit the seat she jerked back up and tears instantly filled her eyes. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh, God, it really hurts, Kyle!"

"You want me to try to put on more lotion?" he asked, but she quickly vetoed that suggestion with a vehement shake of her head.

Reaching over, he gripped her arms near her shoulders, then said, "There's not enough snow outside to help, and I don't have any ice, so we've got to do this on our own. I've got you and I'll help you down slow and easy, Tiff. Come on, sweetheart. You can do it. Besides, the seat's coldness should even help."

Though she managed to sit this time, she didn't hesitate to scowl back at him. " I really do think I hate you right now. You beat me to a pulp."

"Trust me, you're lovely backside is nowhere near pulp. Now, let's put these on. Okay?"

She narrowed her eyes to glare at him, but allowed him to put her legs in their proper holes and pull her panties up to her knees. Then she just looked at him.

"Just a little more, sweetie. Raise your hips up. That's it." Despite her loud gasp and wince, he managed to slip her panties up over her hips. "Good girl." She gave him an even angrier scowl for that one.

"I must say, you're not acting very penitent, Tiffany Anne. I would think you'd be more apologetic to me now."

"Dream on," she muttered under her breath, but he heard her.

He reached for her again. "Come here," he said starting to lift her to put her onto his lap.

"No, Kyle. Oh, no, please. Oh, God! I really don't think I can...."

He very gently lowered her to his lap. She groaned, then softly said, "Ow."

Clasping her face in his two hands, he leaned forward and kissed her, then drew back.

She looked at him uncertainly, then said, "More."

With a pleased smile he kissed her again and she let out of soft moan, then with a sigh rested her head against his chest.

"It doesn't seem to hurt as much when you do that. Maybe I could sneak you up to my room where you can just keep kissing me until I feel better. I'm sure my parents won't mind."