Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

Since the breakup, I’d sworn off men entirely, but I decided I’d make an exception for that fine piece of work. He was somewhere over 6 feet, built like he knocked people out for a living, but could still fit into an Italian-cut casual suit. On top of all that, he could pull off the bright blue hue that I was pretty sure was the exact tone of his eyes and his hair was precisely razor-faded. Why-Not-Wyatt looked straight off a GQ cover, but the best part was he didn’t even know it. I had to bite my lip to keep from sighing. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten laid.

The suckfest that was my engagement ended because I finally figured out that there was no future with Henry. I also found out that he loved himself (and other women) a little more than he loved me. We were together for six years, three of which we were engaged. But he never tried to set a date, never wanted to talk about the wedding. I found myself avoiding the conversation around my friends, not wanting to get excited because I never knew if it was going to happen.

And then, I caught him banging the beautician across the hall one day and even then I didn’t have the balls to cut it off. But thankfully, he did. I thought it would be a fling and he’d come crawling back, but I found out from my mother, who loved to remind me of my single-ness, that those two twits were engaged. After only six weeks together. Guess it was just me he didn’t want to marry. I groaned a little at my inward thoughts and suddenly remembered Wyatt, who had been standing there for a least a full thirty seconds now.

“Uh… hey, Wyatt. How are you? Thanks for coming out,” I blurted out, trying to not look like I just returned from a very painful trip down Memory Lane. He looked rather concerned about my mental health, his eyebrows drawn in worry or surprise.

“Hey, Tori. Happy birthday, this is a great setup,” Wyatt said and gestured at the grand room around us.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful. I told Carter to keep it simple, but you know him. All of this is a bit much, but it’s a really nice gesture,” I said as I glanced directly at Carter and Emma. They were wrapped around each other and I felt a surge of warmth for my friends. Just as I was about to turn back to Wyatt, I noticed Carter as he looked up, stared directly at Wyatt standing next to me, and winked. Wyatt shifted a little uncomfortably next to me and I turned to face him. His beautiful, tanned skin was flushed just on the peaks of his cheeks, like a kid who had been running in the cold.

As I peered at him, Wyatt’s eyes went from dark blue to a steely shade of ice and his back straightened. He suddenly looked like a man on a mission, and I had no clue what to talk about. Just as I began to look around for an escape, it became my turn to blush from head-to-toe when Wyatt spoke.

Wyatt opened his mouth and said, “I heard what you said to Joanne and the other women. About the sperm clinic. I’d like to offer you an alternative.” At first, I felt my temperature rise in anger. How dare he eavesdrop! But then I realized that I was standing right next to the place where everyone gathered during a party - the freaking food table. Shit, I hope no one else heard, I thought as I assessed Wyatt more now.

I saw that he was flushed a bit more on his cheeks, but not in an embarrassed way at all. In an excited, maybe even sexual way. His body was turned towards mine and it looked like he was clenching his hands to prevent himself from touching me. At that thought, I melted a little. Who knew that Why-Not-Wyatt would find me attractive? I didn’t think he had even noticed me. I was just one of the admin assistants and obviously a bit older than him. Don’t guys like younger women, not older ones?? Either way, Why-Not-Wyatt had offered me an alternative to a sperm clinic - he couldn’t be serious. But then again… why the hell not?

I surprised myself as I steeled my own spine and looked him square in the eyes, my brown meeting his blue. “And what do you propose, Wyatt Preston?” His eyes flared as his name tumbled across my lips and, for the life of me, I couldn’t help but think I would like to watch his eyes when I got naked. I wanted to feel his gaze on my nipples, on my thighs, on my sex. Calm down there, Hormones, I admonished myself internally.

As we continued to just stare at each other, it became pretty clear what he was offering as an alternative to the sperm clinic. Him, I thought. He was offering himself. Of course, he was just offering sex, he had no intentions of actually making a baby. He probably just saw this as his chance to get in my pants. But I had zero luck getting pregnant with Henry - even without birth control. The sperm clinic was probably my only chance of overriding my infertility. But he doesn’t have to know that, said the little devil on my shoulder. He could just think he was being a Good Samaritan and you could go for a little joyride on your Dirty 30.

I cleared my throat and his eyes traveled to the hollow of my neck as I swallowed down a sensual gasp. Oh yes, he’s definitely going to enjoy watching when I take off my clothes. “Tori, I…” Wyatt began, looking furtively around like he was about to share the world’s biggest secret. He shuffled closer to me and brought his hands to my hips, his massive palms rested over the shifting fabric of my favorite purple blouse. I felt flames lick down my hip bones, the curve of my ass, and all the way down to my “Someone please fuck me” pumps.