Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

I chuckled against the side of his head and apologized for my inconsiderate ways. The rough hands that held my ass up drifted closer to my inner thighs and I straightened, tensed. His hands continued to close in on my sex and I had never been so close to combusting before in my life. His fingers finally met the satin of my panties and he could feel the wetness for himself. Wyatt nearly growled, sounding like he was going to lose control. I heard a small, faint rip and felt my panties fall away.

The sound and sensation of my panties getting torn off did something funny to me and my hips ground to move my sex against his hand, forcing him to touch me more. He roughly moved one hand to my shoulder and used his own chest to brace my tighter against the wall. Wyatt was totally in charge and fuck if that wasn’t hot.

“Don’t move,” he ordered as he let go of my ass and my heels touched the tile floor with a clack. I was disappointed for a second that he wasn’t going to take me against the wall but then I saw that he was just working on his pants. As soon as he got the buckle, button, and zipper free, his cock sprung out, ready for action. My knees went weak at the sight of the veins working up the side, at the perfectly-shaped tip that preceded the full length of him.

As I was admiring God’s handiwork, he grabbed me by the hips again and lifted my entire weight with just his grip. I swung my legs around him faster than I would have thought possible and grabbed him roughly with my arms, pulling our bodies closer. I kissed him hard, knowing full well that we were both going to have a hard time hiding our close encounter when we went downstairs.

I just couldn’t give a shit, though, as I felt his cock nestle against my sex as we explored each other’s mouths. I tightened my grip around his neck and arched my back so that my nipples grazed the fabric of his suit jacket - the roughness tingled. Wyatt’s hands were still on my hips and I vaguely noticed that his grip was tight enough to bruise - Oh well. I moved my hands from around his neck to rest on his chest, forcing my way under his cobalt jacket. Get this shit off! was all I could think, and apparently Wyatt got the message.

We shuffled him awkwardly out of his suit jacket and I got to work, frantically undoing the buttons. I finally undid the last button and forced his shirt down his arms, sighing as I did. He had a slight dusting of hair on his pectorals, light like his hair. But God, his muscles. His pecs were firm, sculpted, and lead straight down into abs that were defined without being intimidating. His arm muscles rippled as he continued to hold my weight and the thrust of his pelvis showed off the V-muscles that made me want to lick my way down his body.

And in between those V-muscles was his cock, which jutted out between the two of us like a challenge waiting to be accepted. Without laying down, it was going to be a feat to get his full length inside me – it had been six freaking months. But as our eyes met one last time, I knew that we’re going to have fun trying to make this work. Our lips met gently one last as his arms lifted me even higher, shifting so he could rest his cock against my entrance. The second our two bodies met, there was a spark that slammed between us.

Our bodies did the rest, and I leaned back against the wall as he ground into me. There was a split second of a pinching, pressure, and then the release that came after the breach. His cock was hot, so hot, inside me that I felt the tension melt away quickly. We both moaned loudly and rested against each other, and I wiggled my hips a bit to try and accommodate more of his length.

“I don’t think I can fit all of you,” I whispered in his ear, squirming in a most unladylike way. He groaned like he was trying to drown out my words and his body bucked into me, making it known that Wyatt was barely holding the leash. I gasped as more of him slid into me and he leaned back to stare at me. Our eyes met and locked as he used his arm strength to move my body up and down on his cock, the angle just right for grinding against the bundle of nerves at the top of my sex.

I felt my body tense as we continued to stare at each other, the moment so intimate that I was taken aback. The thought of people downstairs, wondering where we were, flickered briefly into my mind but was immediately drowned out with another slide down Wyatt’s dick. My legs wanted to spread wider to accommodate more of him and, as if he sensed this, Wyatt thrusted hard into me, taking my breath away.

His cock hit that bundle of nerves and, coupled with the bite of his thrust, it was enough to trigger a most unexpected climax. I tensed, clenched my teeth, and braced my hands around his face.

“Wyatt, I’m going to come,” I panted, staring at him as I felt the tingle work its way up through the small of my back, through my arms, and back down to my clit. That spurred him on and he bucked harder against me, friction meeting my clit. He continued to pound into me, slowly at first, but then faster as he felt my sex tighten around him.

Wyatt didn’t slow and I was barely holding on to his shoulder as I went weak with the sensations. His cock jerked roughly inside of me and the realization that he was going to come sent me over the edge. We climaxed together, pushing against each other in a frenzy that was both animalistic and intimate. His seed filled me, his ejaculation continuing for longer than I expected. The heat was intense, so intense, and I was thankful for it.