Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

She was out of the shower within minutes and came to the table wearing a shirt she must have found in my drawer. Normally, I’d be irked by the thought of a woman going through my shit after a one night stand, but the sight of Tori in my white T shirt did things to me. Mine! Mine! Mine! my inner caveman shouted, and I gave him a moment in the limelight.

Tori was looking around, seemingly shocked at how clean the space was. I prided myself on my simple but classy apartment. I made a huge effort to never live in conditions like what I grew up in, which was hard to do in this real estate market even on my Finance income. Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy comfort. Tori’s eyes stopped roaming the apartment and came to rest on me. I felt myself soften at just the sight of her chocolate gaze and I breathed out gently. Leaning forward, I clasped her hands in mine over the table.

She glanced down at my arms, chest, and exposed torso. Heat immediately flooded her chest and face – I was not wearing a shirt and apparently she appreciated the view. Like what you see, do you? I thought as I leaned back to widen her window of sight. All the way down to my tented sweatpants that did nothing to hide my boner. She squirmed in her seat and bit her lip. I decided I’d better slow this down before breakfast got cold, so I sat up and grabbed her hands once again.

“I made breakfast,” I added lamely, gesturing at the spread before her.

She had the grace to giggle and said, “So I see. This looks delicious, Wyatt, thank you.” And she dug in. I didn’t think there was anything sexier than watching a woman eat without a speck of self-consciousness, and Tori was the sexiest. I dug in too, internally complimenting my bacon-frying skills.

As Tori gulped down the last bit of her coffee, she looked up shyly at me. “Thanks for yesterday and last night, Wyatt. That was… really amazing. I’m not just saying that. Thank you.”

I glanced down myself, slightly shy and humbled by her praise. What I wouldn’t give to hear her say that every day. Unbidden, the thought of her leaving popped into my head. What if she didn’t want to see me again, be with me this way? I had to do something to get her to stay, to hopefully make her see that I was a good man. That I could be hers.

I summoned up the courage to clear my throat and, quietly, I said, “You know… it might take more than two times to make a baby. Who knows if the first two times worked. We should probably try it again, just to be safe.”

Tori started to fidget with her napkin, looking down at her lap. Within seconds, though, her shyness melted away into a look of a pure sex goddess and she peered up at me through her lashes.

“Why not?” She laughed at herself, apparently making a joke I was unfamiliar with, and moved to stand. In one swift motion, she walked herself over to my brown microsuede sofa, stripped off my T-shirt, and kneeled on the floor.

“What are you waiting for?” she challenged as I sat stupefied at the breakfast table. I was out of my seat and stripping off my pants in a matter of seconds. Once I reached her, I leaned forward and grabbed her face roughly. As our lips met, our tongues entwined and I kissed her for all I was worth. The heat in our bodies and mouths built and, within a matter of seconds, both our mouths were swollen and bruised. I’m going to make a lasting impression on you, one you won’t forget.

I smoothly traced my arms up her back, not breaking my forward momentum, and I grabbed her by the shoulders to turn her towards the couch. Her hips met the edge of the cushions, her breasts laid flat on the seat of the couch, and her glorious ass was in full view.

Rather unceremoniously, I spread her legs wider, gaining more access to her ass, her sex, the arch of her back, and her thighs. She wiggled, trying to spread wider or hide herself from view, I wasn’t sure which.

“Calm down, Tori, I just want to enjoy the view.” At the command, her skin went hot and I grinned. She wiggled again, stiffened, and let out a sigh. Tori took a peek over her left shoulder and saw me standing there, staring at her ass and the peek of her folds. Our gazes were vulnerable and yet heated, a combination that made me feel that connection I felt in the bathroom at the clubhouse. This just works. We are good together.

“Wyatt?” Tori asked, sounding vulnerable and slightly unsure of herself. Her hair had tumbled down her back, so long that it caressed her waist and trailed down her sides, hiding the view of her perfect, round tits. I visibly shook myself and approached, dropping entirely to my knees behind her. My hands grazed from her heels, over her calves and thighs, and came to rest on her ass. I could hear her breath quicken as I tightened my grasp to spread her ass with one hand. My other hand came to rest firmly on my cock.

I directed myself to her sex, my hardness meeting her soft core in a way that almost made both of us come. She arched her ass up to meet me and I brought my chest down to lay flush on her back. We just sighed together for a moment. I took full advantage of her relaxed muscles to quickly guide myself into her in one swift pulse. The return of her sex’s heat was so welcome that I felt a roar threaten in the back of my throat - God, sex has never felt this good before.