Baby Daddy (Bad Boy Billionaires Book 4)

By: Jessa James

With the new angle, my dick had no problem sliding entirely into her and I filled her to brim. The tip of my cock pounded against the top of her canal and I slid in and out, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. Soon, I had to brace myself against her hips, pulling myself against her as I thrusted harder and harder.

Soon, the tension of our fucking reached critical mass and all the nerve endings in my body tensed, ready to explode. I leaned forward over Tori, reaching around to her front and grasped both her tits in my large, calloused hands. The contrast felt amazing; soft skin against rough, tender against hard. I held her soft, full breasts tight, so tight, and rested my head against her neck, trailing wet kisses behind her ear and to the base of her skull. I pounded into her twice more, my dick hitting the top of her canal hard enough that I knew she’d have a hard time walking out of my house. Good, said the caveman in me.

Tori forced her face into the fabric of the sofa, presumably to stop herself from screaming. I suddenly felt the tension inside her kick up a notch, felt her sex clench around me. Suddenly, I felt like screaming, too, and leaned forward to pant into her hair, pressing my mouth into her skin. As I kissed her on the neck, I felt her fall apart, her arm muscles clenched around the sofa for dear life. The orgasm rippled through my dick and I jerked against her, tightening through my neck and arms. The small of my back and my calves cramped as the orgasm rocked me and I felt a last wave of energy fly through me.

“Baby, come with me. Please come with me, I want to feel you come in me,” Tori moaned, and I sensed a surge of pure manliness at the word baby. I totally responded to her request, leaning back just one last time to roughly grasp her hips. I unleashed then and I drove into her two, three, four times, as hard as I could, before I collapsed against her.

I felt the heat from my ejaculation fill her and it soothed the fire in both of us, relaxing us more thoroughly than any orgasm could have. I felt sated, soothed, and whole. Like I fell apart and our orgasms put the pieces back together. I heard Tori let out a huge breath and she melted into a puddle on the sofa as my full weight came to rest on her back.

I slowly traced circles on her back before lifting myself up to pull out of her. The movement made both of us sigh and her sex clenched around me, clearly not wanting me to go. I moved back and glanced at Tori, laying spent and spread on my sofa. I stared a second longer, letting her know that I enjoyed the sight of her spread out and dripping in front of me.

Mine. Mine. Mine! There goes caveman again…but I still felt the reality of the situation hit me. She thought this was just a morning of fun, nothing more. She didn’t want a baby with me. And I had just promised her one night of the best sex with no strings attached. There’s no reason for her to stay.

I knew it was true but I still felt an unexpected twinge of regret. I shook myself and moved to stand and look at her. Her hair was a total mess in this tangled, ruffled way. Her lower back glistened with sweat and I realized my chest was speckled, as well. Tori looked tired, calm, and happy and I knelt to smooth her hair and planted a soft, gentle kiss on her forehead.

I’ll just have to keep trying. One day, she’ll see that I’m the man for her.

Chapter 5

Tori – 3 Weeks Later

As I hung up the phone, I felt the real weight of the situation land on my shoulders. Even though I knew the morning sickness wouldn’t settle in for a few more weeks, I felt like throwing up. I had just cancelled my appointment at the sperm clinic. Sort of pointless, with three positive pregnancy tests sitting on my bathroom counter at home. It seemed like my sexscapades with Wyatt had paid off. It was the birthday gift that would keep on giving.

I’m going to have a baby, I thought. Over and over again, I heard those words and I couldn’t help but feel a small, sad smile cross my face. I am going to be a mother, I thought, and the grin got wider. Of course, I’d have to tell Wyatt, but I didn’t expect him to have any part in this. It was just one night of fun for him; he hadn’t meant to get me pregnant.

I’d been struggling with the idea that he could actually want more. Over the past few weeks, he had tried calling me, he was sweet and attentive whenever he was around me at work. We were restricted in our interactions, though, as we didn’t want everyone to know about us. We didn’t even know if this - whatever this was - could get us in trouble. And I still didn’t believe that he would want to be with me once he found out about the baby. He probably didn’t even think our one night together would work!

Hell, I didn’t even think I could get pregnant! I realized, in a detached, ironic way, that it must have been Henry’s infertility that caused our problems. I smirked in mirth at the thought, hoping his new wife-to-be had figured it out by now. I shook off the thoughts, feeling the bitterness leave my chest as I did. I’m going to be a mother. I’m going to have a baby.

I walked down the hall, used the restroom, and gathered my thoughts a bit as I washed my hands. I glanced at myself in the mirror and knew that I was going to have to tell my boss, Carter, before the symptoms got too obvious. I wasn’t worried about being fired - that man would lose his whole business if it wasn’t for me. But I was not looking forward to this discussion, knowing that Carter was privy to my one night stand with Wyatt.