Beary Guarded (Polar Bliss Book 2)

By: Ruby Shae

A month ago, she would have stood next to him and silently waited for the badge bunny to leave, but that was before he’d marked her. Now, her confidence amazed him.

“Oh, come on,” the woman cooed. “I’d like to see your pistol locked and loaded.”

Anger swamped him, but before he could say anything, Riley stepped between him and the woman, forcing the stranger several steps back.

“Sorry,” Riley threw over her shoulder, “but I’m the only one who gets to see his pistol.”

“What a waste,” the woman uttered, right before she stormed off.

Nate stood and let out a low growl that only Riley could hear.

“Let her go,” she said, patting his chest like she would to calm a dog. “She’s not worth it. Guess what I got today?”

“What?” he asked, amused by the fact that he’d basically become her loyal canine.

“A swimsuit!” she squealed. “And it’s a two-piece.”

Riley had lived in Longmeadow, where it snowed six months out of the year, her entire life. She’d never seen the ocean, or even been in a swimming pool, and though he preferred the snow, he couldn’t wait to show her both things. In three days, they were leaving for a week-long visit with his parents in California, and her excitement was contagious.

“Mmm… Let’s go home so you can model it for me right now.”

She’d been gone all day, and he needed to touch her again. The swimsuit was just an excuse.

“No way,” she laughed. “You have to feed me first, wolf.”

He looked at Hayden and pointed to an empty booth, and the man nodded.

“Fine,” Nate sighed, playfully. “I’ll feed you, but then you’re showing me that swimsuit.”

“Deal,” she laughed, as he guided her to the booth.

“Where’s Sara?” he asked, knowingly.

“Where do you think?” Riley laughed. “Jake’s working, and she’s keeping him company.”

He shook his head to expel the picture her words created in his mind, and Riley laughed again.

As he listened to her talk about her shopping trip with Sara, Nate smiled in silent awe of his beautiful mate. When he first saw her behind the counter in Polar Bliss, she’d been wearing a sweater two sizes too big, and running from him every chance she got.

Now, she was buying swimsuits and telling off badge bunnies. The transformation was amazing, and he was beyond proud of her, but he wasn’t surprised.

He’d known she’d had it in her all along.

Sometimes, when all hope seems lost, a guarded bear needs a wolf to help set her free.

The End