Beary Guarded (Polar Bliss Book 2)

By: Ruby Shae

Seconds seemed to turn into hours as he glared at her with hate and disgust, and his disappointment was palpable as he digested the fact that he’d been saddled with a scarred, fat bear for a mate.

Regrettably, his anger didn’t curb her arousal.

Her pussy throbbed and her nipples hardened into firm, sensitive points. Luckily, full humans couldn’t smell her arousal, and the thick sweater she wore made it impossible for anyone to see how desperately she wanted him.

He took a step toward her, and she panicked.

I have to get out of here.

Didn’t he know that talking wasn’t necessary? She didn’t need his words to know he didn’t want her. In fact, no one did. His expression had made his feelings clear, and she saw no reason to stay and endure his humiliation.

Luckily, she wasn’t the only one who’d noticed his beauty. Several women in the shop approached him at once, and he was instantly surrounded. Every woman except Jane, whether single or attached, vied for his attention, and she used the moment to escape.

“I have to go,” she whispered, pulling off her apron.

“Why? What’s wro—”

“Nothing!” she barked, interrupting her brother.

The sound had come out a little too loud, and she could feel her cheeks warming. She knew she shouldn’t be embarrassed, but she couldn’t help it. Her mate had found her lacking—something that wasn’t supposed to happen—and she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

She shouldn’t care, she didn’t want a man anyway, but she couldn’t help it. His rejection hurt much more than she wanted to admit, and he’d only seen her from the outside. What would he think if he ever saw the scar across her stomach, or found out about the dreams?

God, she was pathetic. No wonder he didn’t want her.

“It’s not nothing,” Ridge said, setting the finished drink he’d been making on the counter. “What’s going on?” He turned toward her, blocking her path.

She glanced at the wolf again, and saw him approaching the counter.

“Nothing,” she whispered. “I’m sorry.”

She ducked under his arm, and ran through the door leading to the kitchen.

Luckily, none of her brothers would allow a man to chase her.

“Hey, wait!”

“Sorry, man,” Ridge growled. “That door is for employees only.”

“Look, I have to talk to—”

She pushed open the door that led outside, and to the overhead apartment, and breathed a sigh of relief. A lot of tourists passed through Longmeadow, and hopefully her mate was one of them. Now that he’d found her, he could avoid her at all costs, but she had a feeling he wouldn’t.

At least not until he got the last word.


She hadn’t thought about him returning to finish the job. She should have told Ridge to let him follow her so he could say what he had to say, move on and leave her in peace. Now, her only choice was to wait and see if he returned.

Her stomach rolled at the thought of being yelled at again by someone who hated her, and she ran up the stairs to the apartment, and hastily stuck her key in the deadbolt. Once inside, she ran passed the cans of paint piled in the middle of the main room, and made it to the bathroom just in time.

A thin layer of sweat dotted her forehead as she gathered her thick locks in her hand, and heaved the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. Several minutes later, she rinsed her mouth in the sink, wrapped her arms around her waist, and slid down the bathroom wall to catch her breath.

When the tears started, she laid down on the cold linoleum floor, dragged her knees to her chest, and let them fall.


Nate had stayed in the sheriff’s office longer than he’d intended, but he enjoyed hanging out with his new team. John, Jake and Chris were honest, decent men who really cared about the town and its citizens. During their mock-party, Chris left twice to do his patrols, and Nate respected the man’s integrity. He’d been in plenty of offices where work didn’t get done if there was a celebration going on.

During the few hours they'd hung out, they did, indeed, eat all the food, which made John’s wife happy, and they’d also given him a present. The blue envelope sitting on his desk had been a gift card to an office supply store, and when he’d opened the drawers to his desk, he’d found out why. Apparently, office supplies were highly coveted by these men, and they all refused to share any of their stash with the others.

Their antics had made him laugh, and he made a mental note to double up on everything he could think of when he shopped. They had funding for supplies, of course, but the fund was small, and the ordering options were limited. He didn’t care about office supplies as much as the others, but he was the sheriff, and his desk needed to be stocked at all times.

When the party wound down, Jake followed him home, and helped him unload his truck. Together, they finished the job in less than fifteen minutes and when the man left, Nate collapsed on the mattress and box spring they’d placed on the bedroom floor. He had a simple, metal bed frame to keep it off the ground, but he’d been too tired to put it together.