Bound By Love

By: Cora Reilly

When my cock was painfully hard, I moved my body over hers and slid my tip in, savoring her heat for a moment before I filled her completely. Her back arched against my chest. I propped my elbows up, caging her in and began to thrust into her slowly at first, then faster and harder. I kissed her throat, then bit down, marking her, and her walls clamped down on me as she cried out her release. I slowed my thrusts, waiting for her to catch her breath before I picked up my pace again. We had the penthouse to ourselves tonight, so I wanted to make her scream as often as possible.

I wedged my hand below her body, rubbing her clit as I slammed harder into her. Aria came again, shuddering and gasping, and when my own release gripped me, she was swept up again and came a third time.

I stayed on top of her, careful to keep off most of my weight as I kissed her neck and throat, then claimed her mouth for a kiss.

“You still mark me,” she said with a hint of amusement, rolling on to her back. “Do you really think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know that I’m yours?”

I stroked the faint bruise on her throat. “You are mine,” I said in a low voice. “And it’s not them I’m reminding, it’s myself, because even after eleven years sometimes it still seems impossible that I have you, that I love you and that you love me.”

Aria’s fingers trailed down to my shoulder blade with the tattoo, her eyes warm and fierce. “I’ll go wherever you go no matter how dark the path.”

I grasped her wrist with the bracelet I’d given her many years ago and brought it to my lips, kissing it. “Even in the darkest hour, you are my light.”