Fighting To Ride (Bantorus MC #5)

By: Debra Kayn

To my readers

As most of you know from following me around on social media, my family moved to the panhandle of Idaho less than a year ago. As the first four books of the Bantorus MC was set in the fictional town of Pitnam, close to where we used to live, I thought a change was due not only for me, but for the series too. So, I had Bantorus MC start a charter club in the fictional town of Federal, Idaho…because I’m keeping it real. There’s a slight time lapse, because this book is about Kurt and he was a teenager in Grasping For Freedom. Don’t worry, his story picks up easily from the last book, and you’ll enjoy the exciting and sexy times of the Bantorus MC characters you’ve come to expect. Moreover, there are new characters introduced to you in Fighting To Ride that I hope will grab your heart as much as they have mine.


Mary Orr — In a popular Facebook contest to name one of the characters in Fighting To Ride, you were the winner with the chosen name of CUTTER. I hope you find Cutter mysterious and adorable, because I have plans for him and they are hot!

Molly B’Damn — Upon arriving to my new home in Idaho, I heard the story about a young prostitute by the name of Molly B’Damn. Molly came to Idaho, saved lives, supported the community, and was honored as a hero upon her death many, many years ago. Her stories are still alive today about how she’d set a bathtub in the middle of the street and allow miners to drop their precious silver in the bathwater for a chance to scrub her back…and many other things. Those kinds of stories are meant to be passed on.



Because of you, these books are never-ending.

You and me. For a lifetime.


It’s a lifestyle. It’s an attitude. It’s badassery at its best.

Miranda, Luke, Jake, Jimmy

The best gift to give is love.



Chapter One

Two flashing sheriff patrol cars blocked each end of Cedar Street. Kurt Ramchett rode his Harley Davidson between the government vehicles and parked in front of the Sterling Building. He eyed the crowd gathered in the street as he put his feet to the asphalt and pushed the motorcycle backward to park against the curb. The last thing he expected upon arriving in Federal was a police presence.

The rest of the Bantorus MC members of the new Federal charter followed suit and parked their bikes against the sidewalk, in one neat line. Kurt flicked his hand low, letting them all know to stand back until he found out what was going on. He’d purchased the historical building years ago to use when he brought the Bantorus MC, Federal charter, into Idaho.

That day had finally arrived, and he needed to crash.

What he didn’t need was to deal with a crowd of strangers or his biker’s that were too tired to put up with any bull shit. He caught German’s gaze and sighed.

German, all five foot ten inches and a solid two hundred and fifty pounds, lumbered off his motorcycle and held out a stubbed joint to light. Kurt fingered his hair off his face. “Put it away, Germ. You’re not in Pitnam anymore and if you haven’t noticed, we’re thick with badges.”

A male voice came over the loud speaker directing the crowd to stay on the sidewalks until notified. Kurt spotted the sheriff headed in his direction and strode across the street. The pressed blue uniform looked out of place, since the last time he’d come face to face with the sheriff, he went by the name Colby and wore a flannel shirt and jeans.

“Sheriff,” he said, stopping the sheriff from approaching his men. “What can we do to shut off the spot lights and get a little privacy?”

Sheriff Colby, about Kurt’s size of six foot two inches, peered up and down the street before meeting Kurt’s gaze. “We’re here for crowd control. The miners should be arriving any time.”

“What did you do, call in the fucking welcome wagon?” Kurt slipped off his gloves and shoved them in his back pocket. “Call them off.”

He’d met the sheriff a few times in Pitnam prior to buying the mine property. The last few months, he’d emailed almost daily with Sheriff Colby while working on the paperwork to become a guns dealer within Federal.

“It’s not for you or your club.” The sheriff took off his hat and swept his blonde hair off his forehead. “It’s the monthly show for Silver Girls.”

Sheriff Colby motioned to the Sterling Building at the same time voices grew louder, pulling his attention away from Kurt. “I guess it’s time for the show to start. Make sure your men stay back, and no touching.”

“What the hell does that mean? This is Bantorus MC’s building,” he said.

The sheriff nodded. “Risa Kohl, the owner of Silver Girls, rents the whole building. She’s been in business for at least five or six years.”

“The property manager had orders to clear the building prior to us arriving. I informed Leo to swipe the place clean. There’s no one renting the building from us any longer. We’ve been on the road for fourteen hours and need to crash,” Kurt said.

“Wasn’t Leo in charge of your rental?” Sheriff Colby asked.

Kurt’s patience ran out two hours back on Interstate 90. “Yeah.”