For the Love of a God

By: Rosanna Leo

For a heady moment, Maia thought he might break her. But then he drove back into her and her pussy gobbled him up again, taking him so deep she thought she'd feel it in her throat.

He sensed her awe and grinned down at her. “The gods were kind to me when they released me. They couldn't make me immortal again, but they let me keep one of my powers."

He lifted her hips and thrust harder and deeper than before, crying out in triumph. Maia let her head fall back with a shattered groan. She felt like a glutton, wanting all of him, and still wanting more. Wishing she could keep him inside her always.

Always with Eryx. Always.

They came together, in a crashing, spinning, hurricane of passion. Mouths open on flesh. Hands skimming over fraught nerves. Tugging fingers. Sweat-drenched skin. Greedy. Grasping. Insatiable.

In love.

And as their bodies calmed, and their heartbeats steadied, whispered words were spoken. Promises were uttered. Vows were pronounced and taken to heart, as if etched into their skin.

And Maia knew, more than ever, that although having a statue for company could be fun, being loved by the real deal was a piece of heaven.

The End