Forced Submission Bundle 2 (Books 4-6)

By: Alexa Riley

Crawling up her body, I bury my face in her neck and just breathe us in. Feeling her under me and knowing she’s here has soothed me inside. After a few moments, I feel myself start to drift off, and then suddenly I’m wide awake.

"Is that a picture of me?"



Sitting up, I look over and see a framed picture of myself on the bedside table. In the photo I’m leaning in and smiling, the soft light highlighting my face. I feel a blush creep over me, and I reach over to grab the picture.

I hold it close, looking at it carefully, and I trace my face with one finger. “This was from the first night we video chatted.”

“It was,” Sly mumbles against my skin, kissing me softly. “I snapped a screenshot while you were laughing. I remember thinking how beautiful you were, and I wanted to capture the moment.”

I put the picture back on the bedside table, and we cuddle into bed.

Sly kisses the side of my breast, nuzzling against me. “Did everything go as you wanted, pet?”

“It was scary, seeing you for the first time in person, and then finally doing all the things we talked about for so long.”

“I agree. I was nervous meeting you in real life as well, but it was more amazing than I expected. I never thought I would have found love like this online.”

He sits up and looks into my eyes, and I feel a lump in my throat. I’ve waited to tell him until we were face to face, so it’s now or never. “I love you, Sly.”

“I love you too, Cameron.”

He climbs on top of me and thrusts inside, making me moan. He grabs my wrists and holds them above my head, kissing my neck and claiming me.

Last year I happened to like a post on a BDSM site that Sly was a member of. I was really nervous about group chatting and being approached by creeps, so I was cautious for a long time. I would follow Sly’s page, and I felt like everything he posted said the same things I wanted and needed. It took a while, but eventually I said hello and he said hello back. We didn’t get into any sex talk for months. We talked about our love of books and movies, and it was silly, but it felt like I had found someone just like me.

After some time, we talked on the phone and opened up to one another about our lives and what we did, and we laughed, sharing our stories. After that we decided to go to video chat, and I realized I was falling for him. Sly knew before me, but he said he waited to make sure I was ready. And when he finally expressed the same thing, I leapt at the chance to say more. We started to share fantasies, and after a while I realized I wanted to make them a reality. With him.

I told him everything I wanted, leaving nothing out. I was ashamed and embarrassed, but I knew that in order to have the relationship we both needed, we had to communicate. Seeing him in that coffee shop the first time, I wanted to cry and run to him, but we both needed to keep to the script. In a way, acting it out kept me calm because I knew what to expect. I had made all the plans necessary to make my life his now, and after this experience, I know I made the right decision.

“You’ll never leave me, pet. Now that I have you, I won’t ever let you go.”

“Never,” I whisper against his neck. Feeling his weight on top of me as he thrusts inside me makes me feel so secure and safe. All I’ve ever wanted was to belong to him and now that I do, life couldn’t be more perfect.

Sly grips me tighter, pumping inside me harder and harder. He angles his hips so that every raw thrust hits my clit, and I squeeze him tighter in response.

“I’m going to make you my stay-at-home cum slut. You’ll lie in bed and take my cock any time it gets hard. When I walk by you, and I’m horny, you won’t question me. You’ll bend over the nearest surface, spread your legs and give me what’s mine.”

I moan at his deliciously dirty words, loving how he talks to me.

“You’ll let me get off real quick so I don’t ache. Do you understand me, pet?”

“Yes, Sly. I understand.”

He bites my neck in response, and I clench around him. His weight on top of me and the pressure on my clit are too much and I can’t hold my orgasm any longer.

I cum hard, tensing all over and screaming his name. It’s rough and raw and absolutely perfect.

Sly follows me into bliss, holding himself inside me tightly as his cock pulses with cum. I feel the thick warmth fill me up, and I close my eyes, smiling at the intimacy.

“I’ve waited my whole life for you, pet.”

“And now we have the rest of our lives to enjoy finding one another.”

“Until the end of time, my love.”



1 year later…

I grip the cuffs around my wrist, tightly squeezing my eyes shut. I clench my jaw. The orgasm hits, and it takes everything in me not to moan out loud. I have to swallow the pleasure as it rocks through my body, making my toes curl. I have to ride it out. I know that if I let one moan escape and someone hears it, Sly will not be happy. Jealous is too nice a word for him.

He growls and barks at any man who even looks at me. I don’t want to know what he’d do if someone actually heard me cum. I’d pity that man. That’s why I’m swallowing each orgasm as best I can. He has me tied down in the back of his cab—legs spread wide, hands together above my head, and some vibrating contraption strapped to my clit. He’d flipped it on as he’d exited his truck. One of his men had called in sick, and Sly had to do the run himself. Where Sly goes, I go.