Forced Submission Bundle 2 (Books 4-6)

By: Alexa Riley

When I’m finished, I look over to see she hasn’t even taken a bite of her own food. She just watches me like she’s waiting for something.

“Do you want more?” she asks, the same confusion from before coloring her tone.

“It’s not what I wanted.”

“I can make something else.” She scoots to the end of her chair like she’s about to get up. The action makes the shirt she’s wearing slide up her thighs. One little move and I could find out if she has those panties on or not. I grip her by the wrist, halting her movements, my eyes locked between her legs.

“Show it to me.” My words come out thick. I don’t look up at her. I keep my eyes locked right where I want them. I feel her pulse pick up, but her fingers move to the hem of the shirt.

Her hand comes between her legs as she lifts the shirt up just a little, showing me her simple white panties.

“They smell like you. I found them in your room when I was cleaning.”