Friction (Oath Keepers MC Book 5)

By: Sapphire Knight

“You sayin’ you got feelin’s for my baby sister, Twist?” He glowers and I just wanna knock the look straight off his face. Smug fucker thinks I don’t notice how he looks at Avery and Ares both. He has no room to judge me or have opinions. I get it; that’s his family and all, but I’ll happily put him in his place.

“I ain’t sayin’ shit, ‘cause it ain’t your fuckin’ business about what I feel about who. I’m tellin’ you that she’s club property and I wanna help. I’ve been playin’ nice for too long, I feel like I’m gonna slit someone’s fuckin’ throat.”

And it’s the truth. Keeping me cooped up for too long makes my head hurt. I try to get lost by using more drugs, which Prez fuckin’ hates, but I have to chase the voice away somehow. My anxiety’s been building up lately, and I feel like I could pop at any moment. I’ve been waiting for the Nomads to hit town again so I could chill with them a little, maybe help clean some shit up if they have a job or something, and keep my demons from taking over too much.

“All right, man. I better not find out you’re fuckin’ with Sadie though. She’s hands off,” he huffs and I glare.


“I need to plan the trip out a little and then we can take off in a day or two?”


Two days later…

Sadie rests her hands on her hips. “I’m going with you,” she argues in the middle of the club’s parking lot as I get ready to mount my bike.

Even when she’s ticked off about something, she looks gorgeous. Fuck. Mouthy bitch needs to leave me be. It’s hard enough not giving in when she asks sweetly, but add in her little spark and all I wanna do is bend her over my bike and shove my dick deep.

I don’t need to be arguing with her, wastin’ time, I should be gone by now. 2 Piece is on his hog, ready and waiting for me already. He let Sadie in on our plan of checking out Cali this morning, and she’s been trippin’ ever since.

“You can’t be travelin’ across the country so close to havin’ a baby.” I gesture to her swollen middle. I don’t know what it is, but that little beach ball makes me want her even more. Just knowing she’s fertile and can create a life inside her after I’ve been plagued with death for so long makes my desire for her that much stronger. She’s like gravity; the more I fight, the more she pulls me in closer.

Every night she throws on her little tank top to sleep in with no bra, and I pretty much melt to the fucking floor wanting her so badly. Then in the mornings when she’s still sleeping, she’s got her ass poking out toward me, and hell if I don’t wanna, squeeze those round globes. Each day I notice something new, and it takes even more strength to keep my hands to myself.

This trip away will be good for my sanity and my cock.

“I’ll be fine, it’s just driving, not like I’m running around or anything, and you went to the last doctor appointment with me. You heard them say everything was good,” she counters, like I’d ever consider her traveling so far, only to possibly be put in danger. I don’t think so. I don’t give two shits what the nurse said when I was in the waiting room. She isn’t the doctor, and even if they did clear her, I’d still have her off her feet most of the day.

“This discussion is ‘bout your safety, and with everything you’ve let us know about him, you need to hold off until your brother gets a word in. This isn’t an argument I’m open to having, Sadie. This is club life. Do as you’re told and take your ass back inside that clubhouse.” I nod toward the door, getting frustrated. I’m not trying to be a dick, but she’s going to make me be one in order to get her to stay put.

“That’s just it; you don’t know anything about him! How are you going to find him? I couldn’t and I actually know him,” she huffs.

“Not up for debate, Sunshine. You’re staying here; and so help me, if you even think about leaving this clubhouse, I’ll carry your ass back myself,” I end on a growl.

Stubborn woman, just like her brother.

“He’ll hurt you guys, and I can’t stand thinking about it. Please, just stay,” she requests quietly, reaching out to grab my arm and my dick grows harder.

At my plea, he thrusts his hand into my hair, yanking my face close to his, and I draw in a surprised gasp. It’s so sexy, but what the hell is he doing? My brother can see him.

“You listen real good, sugar,” he rasps, removing the toothpick from his mouth. “I’mma find this fucker who left you high and dry. You don’t worry about my safety; you trust me when I say I can hold my own. It’d be in his best interest if I didn’t find him though, ‘cause when I do finally hunt that cunt down, he’s gonna learn just what it feels like to get slapped around.”

My hand moves farther up his arm until my fingers rest over his larger ones, and I brush my nose against his gently. “Please be careful,” I mutter.

I’m used to rubbing my nose with his. I know we shouldn’t, but after that day in the kitchen, he got wasted and did it before he fell asleep. Ever since then, I ‘ve kept up the routine, and a declaration like his deserves me acknowledging how much it means to me that he’s all-in with me on this.