Friction (Oath Keepers MC Book 5)

By: Sapphire Knight

It’s time I do what’s right for me. I have a baby to think about and I have no clue how to be any type of parent. The closest thing I had growing up was Silas; I guess that’s why I automatically thought of him when the doctor told me to stay home. One benefit of working at the doctor’s office is I get maternity pay. My boss wasn’t keen on having to start paying it to me early, but he’s a good man.

Silas has been bugging me about coming to Texas ever since he left Cali, so I’m hoping he has an apartment or house—a place for me to sleep anyhow. He’s talked about staying at his motorcycle club, but surely he doesn’t live there.

I’ve met his club brother Cain before. He’s a nice guy, pretty hot, but a total player from what I got from him. My brother’s always been pretty decent about taking care of me and keeping the guys away. He’s going to flip his shit when he finds out that I’m pregnant with no man in tow.

Ghost. The name stands out in the back of my mind and I cringe.

Besides my brother and his motorcycle club, I’ve been around one other group of bikers. Well, not group, I only know Ghost and his club brother, Blaze. Ghost’s the Enforcer and Blaze is the Vice President, whatever that means. But they’re in the California chapter of the Iron Fists and my brother is in the Oath Keepers MC in Texas. They’re not friends. When I asked Ghost, he laughed at me like I was an idiot. How was I supposed to know? My brother doesn’t tell me his stuff.


That was a sharp kick to the ribs! This kid’s probably going to be a soccer player at this rate. I always get kicked double time when I’m hungry. On I-10 though, and there aren’t many options for food stops.

I’m amazed this old clunker has even made the trip so far. It’s fine to go from work to home but not driving through California, Arizona, New Mexico, and then half of Texas. I’ve been talking and coaxing her along the entire trip, because hitchhiking while pregnant would suck balls.

San Antonio finally nears and I gladly stop. I have the bladder the size of a pea it seems, and I’ve stopped numerous times along the way, which is probably the real reason why the car hasn’t overheated yet. Bad enough the AC doesn’t work; I’m going to show up at the clubhouse looking like a hot mess.

Once I eat a large strawberry sundae and a kid’s bacon cheeseburger from Dairy Queen, I hit the road again. Only a few more hours to go, because according to Silas’ return address, he’s kind of close to Austin.

I drive for what feels like forever, my eyes growing heavy from exhaustion. I even go too far, having to ask for directions and backtrack. There wasn’t a street sign on the side of the old highway or anything, just a tiny road right off the highway to turn on to reach the compound. Pretty discreet, I’m guessing they like to not be bothered.

My suspicions are confirmed when I’m greeted by a closed gate and a young biker out front guarding it. His cut has PROSPECT in bold letters across the breast area, otherwise fairly plain. My brother’s cut is different; it has a ton of patches all over it.

He leans into my window, getting close, taking in my swollen stomach with his beady dark eyes, “You someone’s Old Lady?”

“No, I’m here for 2 Piece.”

“Shit.” He shakes his head like he can’t believe I’d be asking for him or something.

I know my brother’s not a saint. Women have always stared at him and given him their numbers, but he would never get a random girl pregnant and not let anyone know. He’s not like Ghost.

Once Ghost found out I was pregnant, he slapped me around a few times, yelling at me that it wasn’t his kid, and then took off. I’ve never been hit by a man before, and I don’t ever want that feeling of fear again. I was terrified that he hurt the baby, but my doctor reassured me I was okay, and then suggested I get a restraining order.

I know that he was doing his job, but that never happened. If Ghost tried to hit me again, I’d take a bat to him just like Silas taught me. I haven’t seen him around or been able to find him anywhere though; he simply became a ghost—hence the name.


“Head on in and park on the opposite side of the bikes. Go to the main door; don’t be nosin’ around anywhere else.”

Shooting him a glare, I grumble, “All right then.”

He nods and pushes the gate open so I can drive through. Jerk. Silas said the guys were all friendly down here, but their prospect dude clearly has a stick up his ass. Maybe he’s hungover; that’d explain it.

The club’s way bigger than I was expecting. I thought it’d be this little bar with a few rooms in the back or something, not literally a huge brick compound with a dozen or so bikes out front. It’s so much more intimidating now that I’m actually here.

So how does this work? Do I knock on the door or is this like a business where I just walk in to order something? I wish my brother would’ve just answered his phone so he could have met me somewhere. Surely the front gate guy would let them know I’m here.

Flipping down the ancient gray visor, I peer into the mirror. Not much I can do to fix myself up. With hours and hours stuck in a tiny space with hot air blowing on you, there’s not a lot that can help with that besides a shower and some sleep.