Friction (Oath Keepers MC Book 5)

By: Sapphire Knight

Still, I have to do something. A quick swipe of Dove deodorant, a spritz of Peony body spray and running a brush through my long blonde hair brings me back to looking halfway like myself. Silas is going to be too busy staring at my belly to notice I’m exhausted and feel like crap anyhow.

Making my way up the few concrete steps, I decide it’s best to start by knocking instead of barging in, just in case it’s not a businesslike atmosphere. It’s ten in the morning; hopefully they aren’t partying already. Silas says he always has fun being with the club, so there’s no telling.

Here goes nothing! Raising my hand, I bring it to the thick door and knock a few times. I get no kind of response so I give it a good kick; there’s got to be someone out and about in there if all these bikes are any indication. Probably just a bunch of lazy old men.

After a few moments of me silently pondering what to do, the door opens slowly, and a man sporting long blond hair and a decent-sized beard pops out. He’s tattooed all over like my brother; probably even more so, by the looks of it. I’d guess him to be the same size as Silas, too, maybe a little thinner.

“What?” He barks and makes me jump.

“I’m here for Silas.”

“Who?” The toothpick in his mouth moves along with his lips. His sea green gaze scans over me, landing on my stomach.

“2- Pie-ce,” I enunciate slowly.

“Don’t think so, Sunshine; 2’s already got some company.”

My eyebrow instantly raises. “Oh really? Tell him to get his ass out here and talk to Sadie.”

He chuckles, surprised at my outburst. “Been a whole minute since a bitch spoke to me like that.”

“Bitch, huh? Go get my brother so he can beat your ass for calling me a bitch.”

“Hold up now sweetheart; you mean 2’s your brother, not your baby daddy?” He nods to my stomach, and I stand up straighter, pushing the round basketball out even more.

“Yes! Do you all think he’d get someone knocked up and not say anything? He’s not like that.”

He shakes his head, his gaze meeting mine finally. “Naw, I know he wouldn’t. I’ll let you in, but like I said, he’s got company.”

The door opens farther and I get a good glimpse of his faded jeans, white T-shirt and leather cut. The word Twist is stitched on one side and on the other side ‘Unholy One.’ Jesus, I wonder what that means exactly; it’s bad enough that the man’s hotter than sin. I’ll admit, pretty darn scary walking into a biker bar full of burly, mean-looking men.

I see my brother’s friend, Cain. It must be his girlfriend next to him or something, because she glares at me like I’m her next victim. She definitely fits in around here; she’s tall and gorgeous like an Amazon woman or something. I’m not staring at Cain to be rude, just wondering if he recognizes me from when he visited Cali with Silas.

“Brother?” A massive tattooed giant stands with his arms crossed over his chest. He looks like the meanest of all and he’s got to be like six and a half feet tall. Silas where are you, damn it? The giant stares at Twist, almost as if I don’t exist, waiting for him to let him know what’s going on.

“Relax, Ares, its 2’s little sister.”

“Oh, Sadie?” His expression lightens as he looks me over.

“Yep, the one and only.” I retort and his lips twitch like he wants to smile, but holds himself back. Amazing how different he is when he finds out I’m a family member. I feel bad for anyone he doesn’t like.

“Come on, Sunshine; let’s go see if your brother’s awake.” Twist rests his hand on the small of my back and steers me down a long dark hallway, playing with the toothpick in his mouth. “Did he…ah…know you was comin’?”

“No.” I huff. “I tried to call but haven’t gotten ahold of him, so I figured it would be better to come here.”

He nods like he already knows Silas has been ignoring me. “Sorry ‘bout that; the club keeps him busy. Did you fly down? I saw that old car out there, not like the one’s I’d imagine you to rent.”

“No, I drove. I came from Cali.”

He glances down at me and whistles, his eyebrows shooting up.

“I know it was far. I’ll hear all about it from my brother. I just want to shower and sleep.”

He stops in front of a door and taps lightly. A pretty girl, slightly taller than myself answers, introducing herself as Avery and lets me know she’ll tell 2 I’m here as soon as he wakes up.

“I can’t believe she’s not going to wake him up now.” Grumbling, I follow Twist.

“Come on darlin’, you hungry or thirsty?”

“I’m pregnant, that should be my middle name or something at this point.”

“Right.” His lips hike up in a grin as he leads me to another room.

Opening the door, I’m met with a very tidy space. The bed could be made to military specifications by how tightly it’s tucked into the wooden frame and there isn’t a sign of dust anywhere. I think I’ve just entered wonderland in the form of a clean man cave. There’s a dresser against the far wall, but it’s the same—clean and free of items on the top.