Friction (Oath Keepers MC Book 5)

By: Sapphire Knight

“Morning? You just got up?” He looks over at me suspiciously.

“Yes, I was up late talking to Twist.”

“What could you possibly have in common with Twist?” he grumbles, glowering at me.

The question stings a little, but I get it. I’m fucked up inside, too warped for anyone to expect me to connect with a sweet chick like Sadie. If they only knew the reasons why I became so fucked up they might back off, but last thing I want’s for them to talk to me about it or some shit. I’d probably shoot a motherfucker.

“I was asking him about the club, and he was nice enough to tell me when it was built, about you not having an apartment, and stuff like that—not that it’s your business.”

“It is too. You’re my fuckin’ baby sister. You and Shorty here,” he nods to a quiet Avery, “are both my business, twenty-four-seven.”

“I wish you would have thought of that when I called you instead of me driving all the way out here.”

“Fuck! I know, and I’m sorry; really truly sorry, Sades. You’re here now though, so let’s make the best of it, yeah?”

She doesn’t acknowledge his apology, which I find hilarious because it means she’s going to make him wallow for a bit before giving in. The way he’s flown through women the past few years, he deserves to be a little uncomfortable. Now he’s layin’ claim to Avery, he’s gonna have double shit to go through. He has no idea what it means to have a fuckin’ woman by his side and actually appreciate her. I’d do anything to have a chance to treat Marissa like a queen, and 2 was going through them like they were pieces of fuckin’ candy or something.

“Do you want some pancakes, Avery?” Sadie asks and measures out the milk for the mix.

“No, we just had lunch; but thanks.”

Sadie nods and smiles, then pours heaping spoonfuls of batter onto the hot surface.

“We have to go run some errands. You good, Sadie?” 2 interrupts.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You guys go have fun.”

“Shitty you gotta’ be stuck takin’ it easy.”

“I know, but I have to take special care of this baby.”

2 walks over, pulling her into a bear hug and whispers loudly, “So proud of the woman you’ve become. We’ll figure this all out, okay?”

Sadie sniffles for a moment, then mumbles, “Okay.”

“We’ll catch ya in a few.” 2 grins, grabbing Avery’s hand to pull her along behind him. They’re gone before we can even mutter a good-bye.

Sadie digs through the fridge, coming back with some bacon. I watch as she drops it straight on the cook top, not realizing the grease is going to get her.

She lets out a little yelp as a big grease bubble pops, splashing her arm, and I’m around that counter in a blink of an eye, pulling her away. She needs to watch what she’s doing and be careful.

“Ouch, shit! I forgot to turn the heat down some!” She rubs the red mark on the arm I’m still grasping.

“You, go sit over there. Now!” I bark, sounding meaner than I intended and she stands still, staring me down, and challenging me.

“I’m fine, you sit down.”

She’s so close; I can’t help but start to pant with need. I bring her arm to my mouth. Her eyes dilate as they watch my tongue stick out, lightly brushing over the tender spot where the bacon popped.

Once I lick over it softly, I put it back to her side, and growl, “Sunshine, you get your sexy little ass on over there, and sit like a good girl.”

She draws in a deep breath, standing still and utters, “You think I’m sexy?”

Her dazed irises glance to my mouth, and just that fast, my hand flies to her neck, gripping it lightly as I push her up against the counter. My face in hers, my nose nearly touching hers, just breathing her sweet smell in, and whisper, “So fucking sexy.”

Impatiently, I shove my leg between hers, spreading her thighs I was just admiring and her breasts raise up a little higher, ready for the plucking. It takes every ounce of strength in me to not bury my face in them to suck and bite as I wish.

My other hand runs up over her rib cage, stopping when my thumb presses down over her stiff nipple, rubbing back and forth over the raised peak. I have to touch them in some way to satiate part of my craving. I’ve always been a tit man, and hers are big and full of milk, like a fucking dream come true.

My mouth lowers to Sadie’s, my lips lightly brushing hers. I don’t kiss her, just graze my bottom lip with her top, making her mouth part open further.

Fuck, I can’t do this. It’s not right showing her my brand of crazy. Her eyes close, giving herself to me, and instead of owning her like I want to, I back away, dropping my hands.

Confused, dilated eyes meet mine and I shake my head, taking my seat again. She sighs—dejected—and turns back to finish preparing our food without a word.

What the fuck am I doing? That’s 2’s sister!

Holy. Shit. That just happened. And it came out of nowhere.

I must not be the only one who’s feeling an attraction between us. This is definitely not the right time or place for it to be happening either. I’m about to have a baby by another man; it’s not the time to screw around with some biker friend of my brother’s.