Friction (Oath Keepers MC Book 5)

By: Sapphire Knight

I’ll never forget the day he hit me, and Blaze laughed like it was the most entertaining thing he’d ever seen. I wanted to puke so badly with my nerves going crazy. I wished over and over my brother would pull up at that moment to help me, but I also knew if that happened he would probably get seriously hurt, not to mention be disappointed in me also. I could only handle so much negativity at that point in my life, so I never told my brother about it.

I had learned not too much before then, that Ghost and Blaze weren’t caring, nice guys like I had believed. It was about two weeks or so prior that I had to pick up Ghost out in the middle of nowhere.

When I arrived, he and Blaze were kicking this man over and over. Ghost’s boots and pant legs were splashed with blood, and I was scared the guy on the ground was dead. I had never seen anyone look like that in real life.

Blaze took off, and Ghost explained that the guy had raped his sister, so he deserved it. I kept my mouth shut, because I couldn’t possibly imagine the pain that his poor sister must have been in. I wondered if that’s how she was pregnant and why she wanted to get an abortion.

When I asked about it, he just chuckled and said I was gullible, that the girl I had met before wasn’t really his sister, but just a friend. He was always doing that though, changing stories or making me feel like I was remembering different than how they really were.

Now that my head’s less foggy from being away from him, I’m thinking that I was seeing things pretty clearly and he was just making me feel crazy. Now here I am lusting over yet another biker. The first time didn’t damage me enough I guess.

Huffing out a chuckle, I place a plate full of pancakes and bacon in front of Twist,

“Thanks, Sunshine.”

“No problem,” I mumble and get my own plate, overfilling it and dump a shit ton of syrup over the steaming mound. My ass will definitely get bigger after the way I’ve been eating, but I’ll be back to running after this bambino joins the world.

“That can’t happen again,” he grumbles, as my first bite of pancake hits my tongue. Why’d he have to ruin the first taste like that?

“Right,” I reply around my food. “Yeah, I agree.”

“Good, glad you seein’ shit the same way,” he finishes, and digs into his food.

I can only nod, because suddenly I feel like crying. Damn hormones. It’s not like I was dumped, but why do I feel that way? I need to start thinking of him as a friend, my brother’s friend. I had crushes on Silas’ friends growing up and fought off my urges with them, so this dude should be a piece of cake.

Yumm, him and cake.

I’m so screwed.

The struggle you’re in today,

is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.


2 Piece gestures to one of the booths in the clubs bar. “Brother, I need to speak to you for a second.”

I grunt and take a seat across from him, ready to get whatever this is, over with.

We don’t talk a lot to each other and we don’t agree on much, so I can’t imagine what this could be about. We’ve always been that way though. We’re the type that if we get around each other too much and both speak, someone will end up getting punched.

I’ve stayed away from his sister even though it’s been killing me. Sadie and I have become friends over the past month, but I still look at her and want to fuck her every day. Any man who doesn’t has to be nutso or gay.

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since she first showed up on our doorstep. 2’s been workin’ on settin’ up an apartment for her. I know it’ll be for the best, but I’m not looking forward to her not being asleep in my bed every night when I finally stumble in, lit off my ass. She’s even more perfect when she’s sleeping, and I love to lie awake and watch her.

I’ve had to drink a ton at night; if not, I hear my baby’s voice more. I have to stop remembering; it’s the only way I’ll fucking survive. Sadie’s woken me up twice, saying I scream at night. That would explain the bags she’s sporting some days, but I try to play it off. No one needs to know my shit.

Ares, my brother, knows a little, but that’s just ‘cause he knows everyone’s dirt. He’s been the Enforcer for years, so he had to find out if there were any possible threats any one of us could bring to the table. I don’t have skeletons that’ll haunt the club though, just me.

“Sup 2?”

“I need to ask a favor.”

I respond with another grunt and he continues. “I need you to take extra care of Sadie. I’m plannin’ to head up to Cali and find the motherfucker who got her knocked up. It’s time the bastard pays for poppin’ smoke on her.”

Fuck. I want to go. I want to teach this stupid fucker what it means to have a family and then to leave them. And with Sadie baby at that, she’s a fuckin’ diamond, just waiting to be snatched up. “Imma go too,” I declare.

“It’s cool, man. You do enough just makin’ sure she’s straight when I can’t.”

“Exactly. I’m with her all the fuckin’ time, brother. If anything, I wanna hurt this fuck face just as much as you.”