Lane (Made From Stone Book 1)

By: T. Saint John

“Yes?” I respond.

“Can I sit?” he asks.

“Uh, sure. I guess,” I answer, but it comes out as almost a question. I have no idea what he wants, and I'm not really one to draw attention.

I watch as he slides the chair out with ease and sits down with purpose. Scooting his chair closer to mine, he cockily asks, “You’re not seeing anyone, are you?”

“No, not at the moment,” I reply, still unsure of where this is going.

“That’s good,” he says as he takes a bite of my celery. He says nothing else, but he smiles without revealing his teeth. He doesn’t have that same confidence Mr. Stone has when he smiles. Still, it's cute. For the first time in months, I feel a little giddy. I know I can’t date, but it feels good to know I might not be the outcast I thought I was after all.

I continue to sit in silence, but I’m also paying attention to the cues my body is giving off. I can’t help but smile every time he smiles, and to eat every time he makes a move to do the same. This might be the most awkward lunch I’ve ever had, while also the most meaningful. It’s like he knew I was alone and embarrassed, and instead of forcing me to talk about it, he’s embracing it. I think I like this guy.

The bell rings and I stand to pick up my tray, when he beats me to it. “I got it. My name's Chad, see you tomorrow, Mallory.”

Not wanting to sound ungrateful or uninterested, I quickly flash him my sweetest smile and say softly, “Thanks, Chad. See you tomorrow.”

I watch as he walks away, and I notice the girls whispering. I didn't think I could be less liked at this school, but it appears I'm wrong. I let out a sigh and remind myself that I'm not the typical teenager anymore; gossip and drama no longer affect me.


I saw Jill in the stands tonight, and as usual, she was sexy as hell. She found me after the game and asked me to come over, and I agreed, of course. I can’t think of a better way to sulk after a loss than sinking my cock inside her.

The team shows continuous improvement, but tonight was a tough loss on all of us. We had been on a five game winning streak, and maybe that’s why we lost. I need to find a way to keep my boys from getting overly confident. I also need to keep Chad's eyes on the game, and not on the sidelines. I’m not sure which one of those cheerleaders he’s fucking, but someone has that boy pussy-whipped and it’s annoying the shit out of me.

When I arrive at Jill's, I head straight up to her apartment. Hopefully, she’s in the mood for a quick fuck, because I’d like to meet up with my brothers and cousins for a drink at Hansons. The moment I open the door, I know it’s not going to be a quick fuck kind of night. The candles are lit, the music is playing, and Jill is sitting on her dining room table, legs spread wide open. If any other man walked in on this sight, he’d be overjoyed. I’m not sure why, but I groan internally.

“Took you long enough!” says Jill as her eyes do a sweep of my body from head to toe. I walk over to her and place a kiss on top of her head.

“Yeah, sorry. I was thinking about the game. But, I’m not now,” I respond while running my finger from her knee to the inside of her thigh. I can feel her shiver in anticipation, and it turns me on.

“That’s good. I have plans and they don’t involve football,” Jill says seductively. I do like the sound of that, I think to myself as I start to remove my shirt.

“What are these plans?” I ask with my brow curiously arched.

“I thought we could pull an all-nighter. You know-- start on the kitchen table, then again on the couch, the shower, the patio, and then we can end it with you fucking me against that wall over there.”

“I came prepared...but not that prepared.” Since I only had three condoms on me, I say, "How about I fuck you on this table, then on the kitchen counter, and end the night with you riding me in the bed.”

“You know I’m on birth control?” she reminds me.

“I know. But the last thing I want is a kid,” I say. She’s heard my reasons for being completely careful a million times; I will never need to be in a pussy so badly that I won’t cover up.

“Do you ever want them?” she asks, and I groan aloud this time.

“Years from now, maybe,” I answer quickly, deciding this conversation doesn’t need to go any further. It will only ruin my night if it does.

I spread her legs further apart, as I drop to my knees in front of her, and go to work with my hands before letting my tongue take over. She wanted me all over this apartment, but she knows that I can give her what she wants without ever leaving my position on the floor.

Wouldn't you know it my ploy was effective! She stopped talking and dug her freshly manicured nails into my shoulders, as I gave her the first orgasm of the evening.


I’m walking toward the football field for cheerleading practice and I’m a nervous wreck. Chad has continued to sit with me at lunch, and I think some of the girls on the squad are mad. It’s funny because he hasn’t even asked me out. In fact, we only talk about college. He seems to actually be interested in my plans and me, not just hooking up. The moment I see Chad, I can’t help but smile. He must’ve screwed up, because Mr. Stone is in his face. I can’t hear what he is saying, but whatever it is has Chad cowering. Not wanting to embarrass him by witnessing this exchange, I jog over to the rest of the squad and start warming up. No one says anything to me, but they start whispering right off the bat. Frustrated, and frankly not giving a damn, I decide I should be the one to clear the air.