Lane (Made From Stone Book 1)

By: T. Saint John

“Is Mallory going?” Chad asks.

“I doubt it. She never shows up to those things,” says another player.

“That’s too bad. I gotta get her nose out of the books and her mouth on my dick,” Chad replies.

Rolling my eyes, I think to myself, that’s probably why we lost tonight. All they ever think about is getting laid. I guess I can’t complain too much because it’s exactly what I did in high school, hell, what I’m still doing now. Miss Conley, or Jill I should say, and I aren’t an exclusive couple but who knows, it looks like it’s headed that way. I stay at her place more than my own. I guess the next step is moving in together. She’s hot, she’s a freak in bed, and she’s incredibly smart, which is what I find most attractive in any woman. I’m not sure what’s holding me back from asking her if she wants to officially date.

When I no longer hear anyone, I head out to the parking lot and see Mallory, in tears, standing by her car in the freezing cold. Worried something has happened to her, I run over.

“Hey Mallory, what’s wrong?” I question.

“My car won’t start. I must’ve left my lights on,” she replies sniffling. She still has on that cheerleading skirt that distracts all my players. Admittedly, it's distracting me tonight too, but who could blame me? The way that full-moon light is reflecting off of her long and perfectly toned legs; she's stunning and completely beautiful. So why do I feel like throwing her on my bed like a whore?

“Well, I can give you a jump. Here, take this,” I say as I shrug out of my jacket and give it to her.

“Thanks, Mr. Stone.”

I run the few rows over to where I’m parked and fire up my Jeep. I pull in front of her car and grab my cables. Popping both hoods, I connect the jumper cables and after a couple of minutes tell her to start her car. It starts right away and I see her smile with that adorable gap in her teeth.

“Leave it running a few minutes,” I tell her, turning away.

“Ok, I will. Here you go,” she says as she removes my jacket.

“Why would you stand out in the cold? Why not wait inside your car?”

“Well, I was talking with some people and lost track of time. When they left, I came to my car and tried to start it. It wouldn’t start and the windows were frosted over so I got out and, seeing only one other car left in the parking lot, I didn’t want to miss whoever it belonged to because I couldn't see through my windows.”

What the fuck? This girl is incredibly naive. Here’s this young girl in a desolate parking lot pinning her hopes on the one car that’s left?

“You should’ve called someone. It’s dangerous to pin your hopes on one car, not knowing who the car belongs to or what their intentions may be.”

“I don’t have a phone,” she whispers between shivers.

“Make sure you don’t forget it the next time,” I scold her in a protective manner, questioning myself for caring so much.

“I didn’t forget my phone. I don’t have a phone,” she says slowly, like she’s talking to an idiot.

“You don’t have a phone? Why?” I ask stunned. Everyone has a phone.

“Because some people can’t afford it,” she explains and it confuses me. She has a nice car for an eighteen year old but she can’t afford a phone? Curious again, I have to ask.

“But you can afford this car?”

“Thanks for the jump and the jacket, Mr. Stone,” she says while climbing into her car and slamming the door. All right then!

By the time I rush back to my Jeep, my balls have shriveled to the size of peanuts. I turn the heat to high and put my jacket back on. Once heat begins to invade the Jeep, I smell something amazing. It smells like vanilla coffee and... cinnamon? Whatever it is, it smells delicious. Then I realize this smell is Mallory Carter.


Driving to school on Monday, I’m embarrassed that Mr. Stone had to rescue me, and I worry about facing him. I didn’t yell at him. I could’ve acted more gracious since he had helped me, but I was offended when he insinuated everyone has a cell phone. Maybe offended isn’t the right word. I was embarrassed. I’ve been able to keep up the charade with my classmates. If a guy asks for my phone number, I simply say no, I’m not interested. If a girl is going to ask for it, I beat her to it and ask for hers. Thankfully, that’s only happened once when I was partnered with Olivia in bio chem. She’s a sweet nerdy girl who gets picked on way too much. I’ve tried being her friend but I can only offer her so much. I can’t invite her for a sleepover and I can’t afford to take her to dinner. So, I just try to be there as much as I can during school hours. We have a few classes together and I make sure I’m sitting next to her in every class we share. I don’t understand why people are so mean. She’s a super-cool chick in my book. A fan of anything 80’s, she wants to become an astronaut. Well this week anyway, that girl is always changing her mind. But it’s cool. No one expects us to have our lives figured out yet.

My life wouldn’t be planned out, but unfortunately, I don’t have the means to change my mind often. I get one shot at making a life for myself. Scholarships don’t cover people going to college and changing their minds often so I need to make a decision soon. All my scholarship applications have been sent and so have my college application letters. Fingers crossed I’ve done well enough to compete with the others applying.