Lane (Made From Stone Book 1)

By: T. Saint John

“Sit down,” she says nervously. Oh, this can't be good.

“No. Please just tell me,” I beg.

She fishes in her purse for a little bit and pulls out a piece of paper, handing it to me.

Wait! What? I know what this is. It's an ultrasound photo.


“Congratulations!” She says as her shoulders shrug uncertainly.

“Are you...? Is this...? Are we having a baby?” I question, stuttering uncertainly.

“Yes, Lane. A boy.” She says and then points to his obvious male parts.

“How?” I ask, dumbfounded.

Mallory cracks up laughing. “Really? How?”

I can't help but return the laughter. “I mean are you sure? Is he ok? Are you ok?”

“Yes, we are both good. I'm already 20 weeks pregnant. Well passed the worry stage. I thought because I took my birth control randomly it was messing with my cycle. That and I started training for that 10k run for the Wounded Warrior Project.”

“I can't believe this,” I say shocked. Mallory isn't showing at all. I'm going to be a dad again. I get to be a part of what I missed with my daughter.

“Are you sure you want a baby? Now?” she asks.

“Mallory, I want whatever comes our way! I love you! I love my daughter and now I will have a son to love!” I lift her into my arms and swing her around as happy tears spill from both our eyes. At this moment, time stands still. This moment is one of the defining moments in my life.

Annie walks into the room and giggles at the sight of us spinning in circles in the living room. I set Mallory down gently and motion for Annie to join us. We embrace as a family. We embrace the past. We embrace the present. Then I place my hand on Mallory’s stomach and together, as a family, we embrace the future.