Lane (Made From Stone Book 1)

By: T. Saint John

When I get to class, I see Olivia is already there and I hurry over. She looks upset and immediately I’m pissed off, knowing someone has said or done something to hurt her. If I were a violent person, I’d kick their ass.

“What’s wrong?”

“Super-glue this time,” she says, pointing to her curly brown hair.

“Who did it?” I demand, scanning the room for the culprit.

“Lewis and his sidekicks,” she cries.

I tap my foot and wait for the rest of the class to file in. I see him and rage takes over. I’m not going to kick him in the nuts like I want, but I plan to humiliate him in front of this class. I storm over to him and shove him out the door.

“You think it’s fucking cool to put glue in someone's hair?” I yell.

“Not cool, just funny,” he says laughing.

“Maybe for small-minded people like you, but to Olivia or me, it’s not funny.”

“We were just playing around,” he says laughing and not showing a bit of remorse. Anger consumes me. So much for not being violent, I think to myself as I launch myself at him. I start by smacking his chest. His reaction is to laugh at me, which only fuels my anger.

“You’re a real dick, you know that?” I scream at him.

“I gotta dick for you,” he says grabbing his crotch.

I start swinging harder, not actually hitting him. He is able to block my moves, but I keep swinging just hoping one of these times I’ll make contact. Before I know it, I’m being pulled off of him. But that doesn’t stop my legs from kicking and my arms from throwing punches. Whoever is restraining me had to pick me up.

“Settle down,” Mr. Stone says.

Of course, it has to be him. I can't settle down. I still see Lewis laughing and now his sidekicks are laughing. I’m worried I’ve made things worse for Olivia.

“I said settle down,” he demands as he wraps his sturdy arms more firmly around me, trapping my arms from swinging.

“You’re an asshole! YOU PRICK!” I continue to yell because my mouth is the only thing not being restrained.

“Get to class,” Mr. Stone yells at the boys and this sends me into another fit of rage.

“Yeah, get to class,” I mock Mr. Stone's tone. Of course, those assholes aren’t in trouble. After they go into the classroom, he sets me down.

“You calm now?” he asks, but I don’t say anything. The adrenaline is starting to recede and I feel the tears start to brim my eyes.

“You mind telling me what happened?” he questions.

I continue to say nothing.

“Alright, I’ll tell you what. You tell me what happened or you’re going to see Mr. Stephens.” Mr. Stephens is our tough as nails principal. I definitely do not want to see him. Knowing this could go on my record, I decide to start talking.

“He put glue in her hair,” I spit out. It’s all I can manage because I’m holding back tears.

“Do you think he deserved to be pummeled?” he asks and again my anger gets the best of me.

“I’ll go see Mr. Stephens, obviously you’ve chosen your side,” I reply and quickly turn around and storm away. He stops me by grabbing my arm. “Let go of me Mr. Stone.” I demand jerking my arm back and he does.

"Miss Carter, I've not dismissed you," he says in an authoritative voice and I die laughing. "Something funny?" He questions looking pissed. His dark, captivating eyes stare into mine and I can tell the aggressive side of Mr. Stone is trying to hold it together. Why his dominant behavior is such a turn on, I have no idea.

"No sir," I say as I straighten up and try to get the smile off my face. I know I'm flirting with trouble but he got all bossy with me and I realize how much I miss being bossed around by my father. Not that I see Mr. Stone as a father figure. Far from it. But every time Amy or I were in trouble, he would get all bossy until one of us started crying and then he'd cave. He always told us he couldn’t stand to see his girls cry. How he lived to make his girls happy and to make us feel safe. He was an amazing father. My heart starts to pound as the memory of the accident plays out in my mind. I need to choke these tears down.

"I'd like to see Mr. Stephens please," I say without making eye contact.

"Not until you tell me why you think it's ok to throw punches like you were."

"Because he's a prick and a bully who you let get away with everything."

"Watch your language, Miss Carter."

"Oh, because I don't have a dick I can't swear. Tell me Mr. Stone, do you allow Lewis to swear in front of you?"

"On the football field, not in school."

Like a child, I roll my eyes knowing I’m losing this battle. "Whatever. Just give me my punishment."


What’s going on here? No one has ever disrespected me like this. I asked a simple question and I'm pissed that she thinks she has me all figured out. I don't tolerate bullying, especially from my players. I also don't take sides right away and I hear each student out. Mallory isn't even trying to defend herself.

"All right, I need a full page report from you explaining what happened, how you could've handled it better and what you'll do the next time something like this occurs.”