Soothing His Madness (Bantorus MC #3)

By: Debra Kayn

Fuck, he loved his kids and wanted the best for them. Taylor was the one he wanted raising his boys.

The door swung open and Taylor peered around for him. He took the moment to study her without alerting her to his presence. It mattered little about what was going on in his life. He still wanted her. He still fed off having her near. He still wanted to kick the world’s ass to give her everything.

“Hey,” he said.

She turned and smiled before losing the radiance his actions the other day had stolen from her. He’d hurt her, and that was on his back to carry around.

“Hey, you.” She moved in beside him and leaned against the wall, looking out over the parking lot.

He wanted to tell her where his head was at and have her accept the reasons he had for pushing her away. Explaining his feelings with words was a foreign concept to him. He could show her what mood he was in with sex, and she’d figure out if he were angry, lonely, or enjoying himself. But how could he explain that his heart was breaking?

He cleared his throat. “I don’t—”

“Wait.” She inhaled deeply and sighed. “Can we just stand here and not talk for a few minutes?”

He nodded, though she wasn’t looking. He understood why she wanted to hold off talking. It was probably for the same reason he couldn’t force himself to stay away from her. He’d tried to keep his distance, swore every night for the past year not to ride over to her house and crawl into her bed.

She was an addiction he couldn’t break, and she’d always welcomed him without any questions or demands. Even now, he fought with himself. He was incomplete without her. It was natural for him to want to take care of her, love her, and be with her.

Hell, the last two days, he’d picked up his cell phone, who knows how many times, and almost pushed her number anytime he had a thought and wanted to share it with her. At night, he laid wide-awake wishing he were lying in her bed. He missed her with the same veracity he missed his kids, and when something was that deep, that painful, he knew he’d made the wrong decision to push her away.

Whether it was the biggest mistake of his life or not, he wasn’t letting her go.

She slipped her fingers into his hand. His body vibrated. One small show of affection and he wanted her up against the wall with her panties around her ankles. Not for his relief because he hadn’t had sex for a week, but because this was Taylor and when they were together, she made his world brighter.

Her quiet strength took him to his knees.

“Fucked up, baby girl,” he said.

“Yeah.” She squeezed his hand. “I should bitch you out for even thinking of leaving me, but—”

“You won’t.” He tugged her over until she faced him, then he pulled her against the length of his body. “Later you can act like my old lady. Right now, I only want to taste you. Feels like I’m losing my head without you.”

She tilted her chin. He lowered his mouth. The instant they connected, he knew he wasn’t going to be satisfied with only tasting a sample. She trembled against him, kissing him back. Using his lips, he opened her mouth. Her warmth, her familiar, indescribable taste, coupled with her response had his cock hard and aching. He widened his stance, pulling her closer and sank his fingers deep into her hair, holding her perfectly still while he worked her mouth.

He swept his tongue across hers, eliciting a groan from her. Like a starving man, he kept his lips sealed against hers, sucking, exploring, dancing. He lowered his hands and cupped her ass, pressing his hardness against her, trying to appease the need to be inside of her.

Slade sucked in his breath. There was vulnerability about Taylor that only came out when she let herself stop thinking and start feeling. That deep connection and desire she gave him, had him falling more in love with her.

She moved her mouth and kissed his jaw, his neck, his collarbone. He groaned at the loss of her lips and encouraged her to go down. Down and wrap her lips around his dick.

“Jesus, get a room.” Ronny walked behind them and sat on his motorcycle.

Slade flipped him the middle finger. For the first time in days, he could breathe. This was his life.

The club, his woman, and…

He hooked Taylor’s neck, bringing her attention back to him, wanting to selfishly keep everything that was his. He owned her. “Come home with me.”

“Your house?” Her brows rose. “Don’t you want to go to mine?”

He shook his head. “It’s time.”

Now that he’d made up his mind, he wasn’t giving her a chance to argue with him. He took her hand and led her over to her car. Once her door was unlocked, he ushered her inside and closed her inside the vehicle.

He was done playing the pushover. He’d get everything he wanted back, and if he had to kill anyone who tried to stop him from keeping what was his, he would. He was done fucking around, playing by the rules, and letting other people dictate his life.

Taylor started the engine and put her window down. “Are you positive?”

“Yeah.” He leaned down and braced his forearms in the opened window. “I’m done letting Jodie and Ray rule my life. You and me…we’re out. Not going to hide you no more. You’re my old lady. My boys will be back Friday night, and I want you there with us. Ain’t shitting around anymore. If they want to fight me, I’ll show them who I really am.”