Soothing His Madness (Bantorus MC #3)

By: Debra Kayn

She stared at him and then a big grin, aimed at him, gave him the boost he needed. “About damn time, honey.”

Rejuvenated and positive he’d get his family back together—it might not be this weekend, but it’d be soon—he stepped away from the car and found himself grinning back. “Get going. I’ll follow you to the intersection and then lead the way.”

“Okay.” She shifted the car into first.

“Hey.” He stopped her. “When we get there, I want your ass naked and on my bed.”

She laughed. “I’ve never been inside your house. Won’t you show me around first?”

“Hell, no.” He walked backward to his bike. “It’s a house and nothing special. You’re my woman. You’ll make it a home.”

He turned around and jogged the rest of the way to his Harley Davidson. There was no time to put off getting his life straightened out. If Rain was right and the Lagsturns were meeting Los Li in Pitnam territory, he wanted everyone he cared about under his watch.

Chapter Six

The mattress springs on Slade’s bed squeaked. Taylor moved up and down on top of Slade, her hands braced on his chest. Strands of her hair stuck to the corner of her mouth as she panted. The noise from the bed matched the urgency of her movements.

His fingers were doing crazy things between her legs as she plunged down on his length. She moaned as her body tightened in pleasure.

“That’s it, baby girl,” Slade murmured.

His eyelids half covered his eyes and he gazed heatedly at where their body joined. The desire on his face had her insides quivering, straining, reaching for her orgasm. Each stroke of his cock tightened her core muscles, warming them, until she dug her fingernails into his chest and let herself go.

Her back arched. Her knees landed on the mattress, producing another squeak from the bed. She stifled a scream of approval. Slade gripped her hips, holding her in place as his hips bucked underneath her and he grunted in male release. She gasped for breath, her upper body pitched forward and she lay flat on Slade. Wonderful quivers of pleasure rocked her body.

The orgasm, one of the strongest after going a week without so much as a flicker of sexual desire, had turned her into a pile of mush. She lay her head down in the crook of Slade’s neck and sighed. If she had any strength left in her body, she’d climb off him, but she was too tired and relaxed. She molded around him, reminded of how much Slade completed her. Her constant need was at an unhealthy level.

She smiled. If loving Slade was bad, she wanted to be really bad.

He shifted underneath her, and the bed squeaked. She turned her face into his chest, laughing softly.

His chest rumbled against her cheek. “Damn. I need a new bed if you’re going to be in it with me. Never noticed how much noise it makes before.”

She lifted her head and arched her brows in feigned surprise. “Really?”

“Bitch.” He slapped her bare ass, but his lips twitched in amusement. “You know I never took women home, around my kids, before I met you.”

She heaved herself off him, disconnecting from his body. “Trust me. I remember.”

Slade sat up, kissed the side of her forehead, and left the bed to get rid of the used condom. She sat on the edge of the mattress. Prior to getting together with him, she’d watched him play with all the women who hung out on open club nights. At the time, she thought he was a slut like all the other men, but it wasn’t until they’d hooked up together she noticed the difference in how he treated her versus the other women.

She’d never seen him look at them the way he did with her. If they were in the same room, his eyes were on her. They spoke to her. They caressed her.

She shook her head in pity. God, she sounded like a sixteen year old with visions of forever.

To distract her thoughts and because it was now daylight, she wandered around Slade’s room, looking at his stuff. She hadn’t seen a thing last night when he’d taken her into the house and directly to his bed.

Besides a beat up dresser that needed re-stained and the set of mattresses sitting on a few cinder blocks, the only thing hinting at a real bedroom were the photos tacked to the wall above the dresser. She stepped over and took a closer look.

There were many shots of Kurt riding his dirt bike, Lee sticking his tongue out for the camera and photo bombing the pictures of Slade’s Harley. There were even photos of Slade smashed in between his two boys, which he must’ve taken with his cell phone because the top of his head was cut off in his attempt to get his family in one shot. She straightened one of the pictures, and caught sight of more photos at the MC get-togethers. She peered closer. Her chest warmed and she smiled.

Her face was in a majority of his collection, and she wasn’t even the MC’s property. Her association came from working at Cactus Cove.

“Hey.” Slade stepped up beside her. “I left the shower on.”

She pointed. “You took my picture. A lot of them.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and spoke into her ear. “I wanted you here in this room. Now you’re here.”