Soothing His Madness (Bantorus MC #3)

By: Debra Kayn

The boys had no idea she was romantically involved with their father, and the only time she could have them all around her was when the MC came together. Then she used every opportunity to get to know the boys. She even kid-sat them at her house if Slade had a run.

What were those two boys going to do without their father every day?

A masculine wounded bellow rocked the building. Taylor ran out of the office and down the hall into the bar. She stumbled at the sight of Rain swinging a fist at Slade’s head.

“No.” She ran forward, pushing through the crowd. “Stop!”

Slade crumbled to the floor, knocked out cold. She dropped to her knees beside him and glared at Rain. “How could you hit him?”

“Putting him out of his misery.” Rain took the wet towel from Ronny and squatted down on the other side of Slade.

“W-what?” She stroked Slade’s whiskered face. “You can’t hurt him when he’s already in pain.”

“You want to do something for him? Clean his hands.” Rain pushed the towel at her. “Hurry before he wakes.”

That’s when she noticed the blood running freely over Slade’s knuckles and between his fingers. She clamped her teeth, and went to work picking glass out of the wounds and staunching the bleeding. Rain followed her actions, and bandaged Slade’s hands while he remained knocked out. She focused all her attention on fixing Slade, because she hadn’t a clue on how she was ever going to let him know how sorry she was about today’s outcome.

Slade groaned and rolled his head. She leaned forward, stroking his face. Her chest hurt knowing he was going through the turmoil of losing his kids.

Rain grabbed her arm and stood her up. “Ronny, Torque, put Slade in my truck.”

She stood a few feet away and watched helplessly, knowing better than to argue with Rain. He was the Bantorus president, and her boss. He owned the bar where she waitressed, and half the town. That didn’t mean she liked him pushing her away from Slade.

“Please, can I go with him.” She squeezed Rain’s arm. “He can’t be alone tonight. Look what he’s doing to himself.”

Rain turned and blocked her from the others in the room. “A man loses his heart, he wants to strike out and hurt everyone that means a shit to him. Slade’s not thinking with his head, but letting the pain take control. If he were thinking straight, he’d protect you by staying away from you. Give him time.”

“Slade would never hurt me,” she whispered.

“I’m not willing to test your trust in him, sweetheart.” Rain motioned to someone behind her without breaking his gaze with Taylor. “Tori’s going to drive you home. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how he is.”


“No, Taylor.” Rain laid his hand on the back of her head and brought her forward. “I promise you, I’ll take care of your man.”

Rain and his wife, Tori, knew she loved Slade. She blinked the moisture out of her vision. They were the only two people Slade was okay with talking to about personal problems. Besides, Rain supported Slade’s fight for his boys by being a character witness in court.

“Okay,” she said. “Tell him…tell him, if he needs me, I’ll be at home. Swear that you’ll tell him. I need him to know I’m here for him.”

Rain petted her hair. “I will.”

Tori slipped her arm around Taylor’s waist and pulled her tight against her side. “C’mon, honey. Let’s get you home.”

On the five-minute ride to Taylor’s house, Tori stayed quiet. Taylor appreciated the gesture, because she wasn’t sure what to say or even what to think. Slade not getting custody of his kids was not an option. He’d only discussed when he’d get his kids out of their mother’s house, because of neglect.

Tori pulled into the driveway of Taylor’s two-bedroom ranch style house and shut off the engine of the truck. “I need to get back to Lilly and let the babysitter go home, but do you want to pack a change of clothes and stay at our place tonight?”

“No.” Taylor reached across the span of the seat and squeezed Tori’s hand. “I need to be here in case Slade calls or comes over.”

Tori squeezed her back. “Okay, honey. I understand.”

She left the truck, smooched an air kiss to Tori in thanks, and walked to the front door. After she unlocked the handle, she waved back at Tori. She knew her friend worried, but the person who needed everyone’s attention was Slade.

Inside the house, she dropped her purse and walked into the living room. The silence irritated her. The lack of what her life represented was missing inside the room. If anyone looked inside her house, they’d never be able to tell that her heart belonged to Slade. There were no boots by the couch, no vest flung over the rocker, and no beat-up motorcycle helmet from one of Slade’s kids lying in the middle of the room.

She had a soul full of love and no one to share it with. She sank onto the edge of the couch, lost in her lonely surroundings. She belonged to Slade. Only the truth was, she didn’t, and unable to breach the barrier into Slade’s world hurt, it hurt a lot.