Tempting Love - Haley & Eddie (Crossroads #5)

By: Melanie Shawn

“Hales, you have to start being realistic about this. Do you really think after knowing the man practically all your life that one day he’s just going to see you from across the room and everyone else will disappear, causing him to have an epiphany that he’s in love with you and always has been?”

Haley knew that her sister’s question was not meant to be answered, that she was just trying to prove a point, but that didn’t stop Haley from doing just that. “It happened to Riley and Chelle.”

Haley’s sister fell back on the bed with a moan as she covered her face. “Oh my gosh! That is completely different.” As she sat back up, Krista’s arms flew out and she exclaimed, “Riley hadn’t seen Chelle in, like, ten years or something. You see Eddie every day.”

“So?” Haley shrugged as she once again turned her attention to her reflection.

“Sooooo…” Krista closed her book dramatically before stating firmly, “I love you and I am sorry to say this but you need to face the cold hard fact that he’s just not that into you.”

Haley mentally shook off her sister’s observation. She knew that not only Krista, but her other sisters, Jessie and Becca, thought she was crazy to pine away for Eddie. And maybe she was, but they didn’t know him like she did. They didn’t love Emily like she did. They didn’t see how he did special things for Haley like DVRing shows that he knew or thought she would like and making sure that the oil in her car was changed, or that her tires had enough air in them.

They didn’t see that he waited up when he knew she was out late and then texted her to see how her night was. They didn’t see the look of jealousy in his eyes every time Eddie saw her with a guy, whether it was just a friend or on the few occasions that she had gone out on a date over the past few years.

And they didn’t see how he was with her when it was just the two of them. How the sparks would fly and the heated look in his eyes that could best be described as panty melting.

“I gotta jet.” Krista stood and grabbed her books and notebooks. “I have a date.”

“With who, Chris?” Haley asked, spinning around on her heels.

“Yep. He finally got a Saturday night off so we’re going out on a real date.”

“Wow,” Haley unintentionally said aloud out of sheer shock. Sure, she knew that Chris, who was a bartender at The Grill, and her sister had been friends with benefits for a while now, but she was surprised that things might be getting serious.

Her expression must have revealed her inner astonishment-slash-curiosity because Krista came to an abrupt stop as she glanced over her shoulder before heading out the door. “What?” she asked defensively.

“Nothing,” Haley said, putting her arms up in surrender. If Krista was finally moving on, Haley could not be any happier for her.

“You”—Krista pointed at her with an accusatory stare—“of all people have no room to judge my personal life.”

“I’m not.” Haley tried to keep her expression as blank and innocent as possible. She and Krista were Irish twins, being born only ten months apart, and the two had always shared a very strong connection. She knew her sister would see right through her faux-innocent expression, but that didn’t stop her from putting it on. “I swear.”

Krista narrowed her eyes for several moments before nodding once. “Mmm, hmm,” she muttered before heading out the door.

After her sister left, Haley padded across the hardwood floor to the window in the corner of her room. She looked out between the white-wooded shutters. Her gaze immediately fell on Emily as the little girl rode her bike up and down the street, her long honey-blond hair trailing behind her in the wind. If Em was out in front, that meant…

Haley’s pulse picked up speed as her eyes scanned up the driveway. The hood of Eddie’s red pickup truck was propped open, blocking her view from the man beneath it. A tan, tattooed, muscled arm was all Haley could see of Eddie. But that was all it took for her lady parts to sit up and take notice. Tingles spread through her as she watched the chiseled lines in his arms as he worked on the engine.

Damn, there was just something so sexy about a man working on a car. It was so male. Haley didn’t fool herself, she knew that a large part of her attraction to Eddie came from the fact that he was just so capable. If it was broken, he could fix it. Which was…hot.

Just when she was about to step away from the window so she didn’t dip her toe into stalker waters, he stood. Rays of sun shone off his silky black hair as he stretched his neck from side-to-side. The olive skin of his straining neck peeked out from his white t-shirt. Her eyes continued up and locked on his lips. Oh lord, those lips. She couldn’t even count how many dreams—while asleep and awake—she’d had about those full, soft lips.

Not being able to tear her gaze away as he reached up and closed the hood on his truck, she watched, captivated. He used a rag he held to clean his large hands and an audible moan escaped her mouth. His movements weren’t rushed, hurried. They were measured, deliberate. Eddie Thomas was one hundred percent alpha male. The way he moved, the way he talked, the way he looked.