Tempting Love - Haley & Eddie (Crossroads #5)

By: Melanie Shawn

Only you.

* * *

“If you consider babysitting a hot date, then yes.” Haley’s shaky voice made Eddie’s blood even hotter than it already was. He was about a second away from reaching out, threading his fingers in her silky blond hair, and kissing her until neither of them remembered their names.

Eddie fisted his hands at his sides. He needed to step away. Get out of touching distance before he did something he couldn’t take back. Hell, he needed to leave the house entirely.

He knew that logically. Unfortunately, his body and his brain did not seem to be communicating with each other right now. That might be partly due to the fact that, since Haley had walked into his house in a blue cotton summer dress that showcased her slim waist, long legs, and ample cleavage, causing his mouth to water and sweat to form on his brow, all of the blood his brain needed to function had rushed to the head that was located below his belt instead of the one that sat on his shoulders.

Arousal coursed through Eddie’s veins as he stared down at Haley. Her crystal blues shined up at him, the black of her pupils dilated. A flush rose on her cheeks as her full lips parted and her breaths came in shallow pants.

Eddie had known for a while that Haley had a crush on him. Even before she left for college, he’d suspected as much. He knew that all it would take was one move from him and he could have her in the one place he wanted her most—his bed.

Everything in his body was screaming for him to do just that. A plan quickly formulated in his brain. He could take Emily to his sister’s, ask her to keep her overnight, come back here, strip Haley out of that dress, take her to bed, and keep her there until neither of them could move.

No! He had to stop that kind of thinking.

Taking a step back, he reached up and ran his fingers through his hair. His phone buzzed, alerting him that it was time for him to go. He knew he should. Claire was waiting for him.

Instead of grabbing his keys and heading out the door, Eddie heard himself say, “Sit. I’ll make you a plate.”

A flash of confusion crossed Haley’s beautiful face. Her brow knitted as she nodded, handing him her plate. His eyes ran down the graceful slope of her arm. The pads of his fingers grazed the soft skin on the back of her hand, causing his jeans to tighten even more as he took the ceramic dish from her.

He couldn’t take his eyes away from her as she slowly walked to the kitchen table, pulled out the chair, and then gracefully slid into it.

Damn. He could still feel the heat on his skin from where their hands had made contact. The tingling sensation of where he’d touched the silky skin of her hand rocketed his arousal into the stratosphere. It made him imagine what the supple skin of her inner thigh would feel like, if she would shiver beneath his caress as he ran his hands slowly up from her knees, spreading her legs as he…

“Daddy, can I watch Transformers with Haley?” Emily called out from the stairs.

“Yeah, but you have to take your bath first,” he answered.

“Okay,” his daughter chirped back happily. He heard her little feet running up the stairs on the way to the bathroom.

There was absolutely no reason that Em had to take a bath before the movie. The only reason that directive had come out of his mouth was to buy him a little more alone time with Haley.

What the hell is wrong with me? I must be a masochist. That was the only plausible explanation.

After filling the plate, Eddie reached into the fridge, pulled out a pitcher of iced tea, and poured Haley a glass. He didn’t drink iced tea. Emily didn’t drink iced tea. But since the day he found out that it was Haley’s favorite drink, there’d been a fresh pitcher of iced tea in his fridge.

Eddie set down the full plate and glass in front of Haley and deliberately moved to the opposite side of the round wood table to take a seat. It was safer that way. Distance was his friend.

“Thanks.” Her pink lips turned up in a smile as she immediately grabbed the glass of tea and brought it to her inviting mouth. Sighing, she licked her lips as she set the glass back down in front of her then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Eddie really wished that he were the back of her hand right now. Never in his life had he been so consumed with wanting someone. Not even Lacey.

Sure, he’d wanted Lacey, but he’d had sex with her before they were even a couple. So he couldn’t compare it to the way he felt for Haley.

His desire for Haley was…intense. Too intense. And it seemed to be growing every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second.

“How’s the Martin job coming?” Haley asked as she took a bite of the mac and cheese.

It amazed Eddie that Haley always kept up on the names and details of the projects he was working on. “Almost done. Looks like we have two more weeks.”

“You sound like that guy on The Money Pit,” Haley laughed. The sexy sound washed over him like a cool breeze.

“Wasn’t that movie before your time?” Eddie asked, trying to give himself a much needed dose of reality. Of course, he was a huge Tom Hanks fan and had probably seen the movie over twenty times. It was a classic. But he didn’t think Haley had even been born when it had come out.