The Greek Commands His Mistress

By: Lynne Graham

“I always get what I want…and I want you.”

Making billions and bedding beautiful women couldn’t make Bastien Zikos forget the lustrous dark hair, haunting eyes and outrageous defiance of Delilah Moore.

So Bastien has gone to great lengths to ensure that the one—and only—woman to have ever turned him down returns to him. If Delilah wants to save her father’s ailing business, she must agree to Bastien’s commands: be his mistress, wear his diamonds and wait for him in his bed!

But what will this exacting tycoon do when he discovers that his sassy mistress is a virgin?

“I don’t apologize for what I want, and I always get what I want…and I want you. You should be flattered,” Bastien told her without hesitation.

“I’m not flattered. I’m shocked and disgusted at your lack of scruples!” Lilah told him angrily, her blue eyes bright with condemnation. “You’re trying to take advantage of this situation and play on my affection for my family.”

“I will use any advantage I have and do whatever I have to do to win you,” Bastien stated, his wide, beautifully shaped mouth firming as he stalked fluidly closer to tower over her. “You’re the glittering prize here, Delilah. Doesn’t that thrill you?”

Lilah stiffened even more. “No, of course it doesn’t.”

“It would thrill most women,” Bastien told her drily, staring down at her with burnished dark golden eyes that sent an intoxicating fizz of awareness and frightening tension shooting through her every limb. “A woman likes to be wanted above all others.”

“I very much doubt that you’re capable of wanting one woman above all others,” Lilah retorted sharply.

“Sexual satisfaction is extremely important to me,” Bastien parried, studying her with cool gravity. “I don’t feel any need to explain that or apologize for it.”

Introducing Lynne Graham’s fabulous new duet full of prestige, power and passion!

These are two alpha males you just won’t be able to put down.

The Notorious Greeks

…and the women they claim!

Whether it is the boardroom or the bedroom Leo and Bastien Zikos are masters of all that they survey. Until they each meet a woman who has the temerity to deny them the one thing they most desperately crave…

In a true battle of wills, Graham whisks you away to glamorous destinations and epic tales of love in:

The Greek Demands His Heir

August 2015

The Greek Commands His Mistress

September 2015


‘IT’S OVER, REBA,’ Bastien Zikos pronounced with finality.

The stunning blonde he was addressing flashed him a pained look of reproach. ‘But we’ve been great together.’

‘I’ve never pretended that this is anything more than it,’ Bastien traded impatiently. ‘Now we’re done.’

Reba blinked rapidly, as though she was fighting back tears, but Bastien wasn’t fooled. The only thing that would reduce Reba to tears would be a stingy pay-off. She was as hard as nails...and he was no more yielding. Indeed, when it came to women he was tough and cold. His mother, an eighteen-carat-gold-digging promiscuous shrew, with a polished line in fake tears and emotion, had been the first to teach her son distrust and contempt for her sex.

‘You got bored with me, didn’t you?’ Reba condemned. ‘I was warned that you had a short attention span. I should’ve listened.’

Impatience shivered through Bastien’s very tall, muscular frame. Reba had been his mistress, and terrific entertainment in the bedroom, but it ended now. And he had given her a small fortune in jewellery. He took nothing for free from women—not sex, not anything.

Bastien turned on his heel. ‘My accountant will be in touch,’ he said drily.

‘There’s someone else, isn’t there?’ the blonde snapped.

‘If there is, it’s none of your business,’ Bastien told her icily, his dark eyes chilling in their detachment as he glanced back at her, his lean, extravagantly handsome features hard as iron.

His driver was waiting outside the building to ferry him to the airport for his scheduled flight north.

A very faint shadow of a smile softened the tough line of Bastien’s mouth as he boarded his private jet. Someone else? Maybe...maybe not.

His finance director, Richard James, was already seated in the opulent cabin. ‘Am I allowed to ask what secret allure—evidently known only to you—exists in this dull northern town we’re heading to, and about the even more dull failed business enterprise you have recently acquired?’

‘You can ask. I don’t promise to answer,’ Bastien traded, flicking lazily through the latest stock figures on his laptop.

‘Then there is something special at Moore Components that I haven’t yet picked up on?’ the stocky blond man prompted ruefully. ‘A patent? A new invention?’

Bastien dealt the other man a wryly amused glance. ‘The factory is built on land worth millions,’ he pointed out drily. ‘A prime site for development close to the town centre.’

‘It’s been years since you played asset-stripper,’ Richard remarked in surprise, while Bastien’s personal staff and his security team boarded at the rear of the cabin.