The Mafia And His Angel

By: Lylah James

“Nikolay, take her away. I’ve got business to do,” Alessio demanded, taking a step away. His gaze was fixed on mine as I felt Nikolay coming closer.

Nikolay stepped so close that I felt his breath on my neck. I trembled and took a step forward, which brought me closer to Alessio. I was trapped either way. Between two vicious men, they made me want to scoot down and hide.

“Come,” Nikolay said, his voice jarring to my ears. I stared at Alessio and saw him nod, as if giving me permission to go. Nikolay grabbed my arm roughly and started to pull me out of the bedroom. His hold was tight and I felt my arm going numb.

With all the bruises covering my body, I hurt everywhere. Weakness began to take over my body and I felt suddenly dizzy.

I tripped over my own feet but quickly straightened when Nikolay growled. I swallowed hard and tried my best to walk normally as he pulled me forcibly to the room next to Alessio’s.

When he opened the door and pushed me inside, I gasped as indescribable pain took over my body. The room was dark, but all of a sudden, the light was on. And I gasped again, but for another reason.

The bedroom was huge, at least three times the size of mine. But the best part of it was the magnificent view, which overlooked the beautiful back garden. As I walked closer to the window and peeked outside, a sense of peace overcame me. For a moment, I felt liberated.

I wondered how it was possible for something to look so serene when the world around me was crashing down—a clear contradiction to my situation.

“Clean up and then I’ll bring you down to the maids. Clothes will be brought to you.” Nikolay’s voice broke through my thoughts. I turned around to see him standing at the doorway. His arms were crossed over his chest, his muscles bulging.

I swallowed hard against the lump growing in my throat. When I nodded, he stepped back and closed the door.

I sighed in relief when his intense presence was no longer overwhelming the room. I looked around and saw the bed, which took up half the space in the room. A nightstand sat on either side of the bed, a matching wardrobe to my left. In front of the bed was a bench with two pillows on either end, much like in Alessio’s room.

I walked over to the bed and sat on it, bouncing a little. The silky comforter was soft under my hands and all I wanted to do was sleep.

My body felt feeble and tiredness clouded my vision. When I yawned, I slowly stretched out on the bed, then snuggled deeper into the soft mattress and comforter until my body went limp. Feeling warm and cozy, my eyes slowly drifted shut.

Just for a few minutes, I thought.


I woke up with a start when the door banged open. It slammed against the wall hard, and I jumped off the bed, shaking violently. Swaying to the side slightly, my body felt sluggish.

My eyes were blurry with sleep, and I had to blink a few times to get myself accustomed to the lights. When I could finally see, I gulped hard. Nikolay was standing there, looking dangerously angry.

“You were supposed to get clean,” he said through gritted teeth. Nikolay walked inside the room, his steps hard against the wood. “Listen, Boss gives orders and you follow them. Without any problems. Got it?”

I nodded only because I couldn’t bring myself to form any words.

Nikolay scared me. He looked like someone who didn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Most importantly, he was also a killer. If I wasn’t wrong, a brutal one at that. Everyone was a killer here. There was no innocence in this life.

Without any other words, he pointed to the door at my left. I walked toward it nervously, my body hyperaware of his presence.

I opened the white door, and at the sight of a bathtub, shower, shampoo, and soaps, I felt tears prickling my eyes. When I ran away from home, I thought that I would be living on the streets, trying to fend for myself, desperate for basic necessities.

But I stood in front of a fabulous bathroom, I had a big bedroom with a cozy bed. I had a job and food. Even though it was not my ideal situation, gratefulness filled my body.

As I closed the door behind me, I noticed there were no female accessories. I shrugged and whispered, “Cleaning is all that matters.”

I glanced at the mirror and my eyes widened in shock.

I was dirty. Grimy. My face was red with bruises and some parts were already green. My white dress was filthy and shredded. All I wanted to do was soak in the tub but I could only take a quick shower.