The Mafia And His Angel

By: Lylah James

I was a coldblooded killer. Heartless. Ruthless. A betrayer.

Striding into Alessio’s office, I found him sitting behind his desk. He looked up when I came in, and nodded.

“I need to take care of some things.”

Alessio stared at me for a few seconds, his gaze penetrating. “Okay,” he said. I turned around, but before I could walk out, his voice stopped me. “You should clean your hand.”

I looked down at my fist and saw the bloodied knuckles. The same fist that I had just punched into the wall before coming into his office.

“I will,” I replied, my voice emotionless.

Closing the door behind me, I went to my room and quickly changed my clothes. Wearing black jeans and a black sweater, I walked out of the estate and got into my car.

When I arrived at my destination, I pulled my hood over my head, hiding most of my face as I stepped out of the car. Two men greeted me. “He is waiting for you in his office.”

Without answering, I walked into the club. The door to his office was already open, waiting for my arrival. Walking inside, I closed the door and crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for the man to start.

“Nikolay,” he said roughly.

Staring into his brown eyes, I nodded in his direction. “Alberto.”



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First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for making me realize that writing is my passion. I was a reader for many years, before they told me one day “You can be a writer.” At first, I laughed. And then one day, I wrote the first word down. Without their constant push, The Mafia and His Angel would probably never exist. They are the reason I am where I am today.

To my soul sister, M. You hate reading romance books–especially this type of romance. But you still picked up The Mafia and His Angel and read it for me. Against all odds, you fell in love with it and I fell even more in love with you. I am so glad you are here with me, supporting, loving and fangirling with me.

A biggest thank you to my Publisher. Thank you for giving TMAHA a chance. I am holding my book right now, because you think it is worth it. So thank you.

To my editor, Rosa–you rock! Thank you for editing this book. I was worried you would have no hair by the end, but apparently you got a lot more hair. Thank God.

Thank you to everyone else who had a hand in making this book–my proof-reader, formatter…you guys are a star.

To Deranged Doctor Design–Thank you for such a kickass cover. I couldn’t stop staring at it!

To the bloggers and everyone who took their time to promote TMAHA, you are awesome! My big thanks to you.

And I wanted to leave this for the end, because this is the important part. A huge thank you, to every single one of my reader. My lovelies. If my parents are the reason why I started writing, then you are the reason why I am still here. In this moment, holding this book. Your never-ending support and love has taken us on this path. From the first word to the last, you have been here with me. I am proud we took this journey together. Together, we dreamed about holding TMAHA one day, thumbing through the pages. We did it, lovelies. Thank you for standing with me, even through my craziness. To all the fan accounts and groups out there, thank you! All the beautiful edits and posters you have made, they are my inspiration and motivation.