The Mafia And His Angel

By: Lylah James

Looking back at the car, I made up my mind. After making sure that Alberto’s men were not looking, I quickly walked away from my hiding spot and ran toward the car. I pulled on the handle of the back door.

The door opened. Tears of relief blinded my vision and I hiccupped back a sob.

I looked on either side of me, making sure nobody saw me. My path was clear when I climbed into the car and closed the door behind me.

My body folded into itself as I crouched down between the seats, trying to make myself as invisible as possible. My eyes closed as I tried to calm my breathing.

After a few minutes, the door opened and the man sat down. I jumped slightly when he slammed the door shut. My stomach twisted in knots as my breathing slowed. My hands shook in fear.

I heard some shuffling noises and then he started talking. “Viktor, I’m coming home. Get everything prepared.”

My body was strung tight with tension but when the car suddenly lurched forward and the man began driving, I let out a sigh of relief.

I was safe. For now. And that was all that mattered.

Chapter 1

My body trembled with tension during the drive. The man was silent but the air surrounding him was intense and brooding. When the car finally came to a stop, I froze.

My heart skipped a beat when he opened the door. I waited for a reaction from him. But he only stepped out of the car and the door closed behind him.

Then, utter silence.

I breathed out a sigh of relief, my body sagging against the back of the car seat. I was safe. After waiting for a few more minutes, I climbed to my knees and stared outside through the tinted window.

I gasped, my eyes widening in shock. The beauty beyond the window took my breath away.

There was a long circular driveway lined with pine trees and tall red glass garden stakes. Beautiful shrubs surrounded a gigantic fountain in the middle of the driveway. The central fountain was mesmerizing, made of glazed ceramic tiles and surrounded by flowers.

I could see trees in the distance, which continued down the long driveway toward the main gate. This place was serene.

When I felt sure I was alone, I quickly opened the door and stepped out. When I had left my father’s estate, it was still dark, dawn just slowly approaching, but now the sunlight was bright. I winced and had to blink to get used to the glare.

Turning around, I was speechless.

This estate seemed much bigger than my father’s. There were white marble pillars around the entrance to the mansion. The towers were topped in silver domes and intricate stonework decorated the walls. A large wooden double door probably cost more than I could imagine.

My father was wealthy, but I had never seen anything like this. The mansion I lived in was much smaller compared to this one.

Sudden realization came crashing down on me and it occurred to me that this man was much wealthier than my dad, and possibly just as dangerous—if not more so.

I had learned my lesson. Rich people were blinded by their power and they stopped acting like human beings. They had no emotions. And I wasn’t going to take the risk with this stranger.

Taking several steps back, I bumped into the car. I swallowed and then closed my eyes. I had to go. I had to find somewhere safer.

I turned away but my eyes widened in shock when I saw two men striding toward me. They were looking at each other, away from me. Taking the chance, I quickly hid behind the car.

My body was shaking with fear and I felt myself sweating.

I had to leave. Now! But my safety was compromised. When the men entered the mansion, my body dropped forward in relief, but tension still coiled tight inside me. Fear lodged deep in my gut and my stomach cramped. As I turned back toward the main gate, I froze again.

There was no escape. It was impossible.

For the first time, I noticed four men standing at the main gate, guarding it. Nobody entered or left without them noticing. It was the same way at my father’s estate. There were always guards on the ground, making sure there weren’t any impending attacks.

I swallowed and looked behind me. My heart stopped beating for a moment when I saw the doors open. Going through the main gates wasn’t an option anymore. And I wasn’t familiar with the grounds.

Tears of frustration blinded my vision as I tried to think of a way out.

I took a step toward the opened door, my heart beating hard and fast against my ribcage. I could go in. I could hide in there and most likely nobody would see me. I would be safe for some time, until I had a plan.