The Mafia And His Angel

By: Lylah James



The woman standing in front me, with black hair and green eyes, her name was Ayla. I took my hand away from her face and moved several steps back, severing our connection.

I stared at her and smiled. She thought she could fool me.

Such an innocent little girl.

It was obvious her name was not Blinov. She must have not known. I was the Pakhan. I knew when someone was lying. I could sense it. And her lies were written all over her face. She was a shitty liar and I couldn’t help but scoff at her nerves.

Ayla. That was her name. I knew it because she didn’t stutter when she said it. She wasn’t lying about that, but the rest…all of it was a lie.

I would find the truth, but that wasn’t the reason why I was keeping her.

I stared at her, her arms wrapped around her waist. She looked so small. So innocent.

Poor little girl. She didn’t know what she just brought upon herself.

There was one thing everyone knew. What Alessio Ivanshov wanted, Alessio got. And the bruised and beaten up girl in front of me…

I wanted her.

Innocent kitten. I laughed at the thought. My kitten. She belonged to me now.

I was going to play her just like a violin.

And she would enjoy it.

Chapter 4


When Alessio stepped back, I felt my body warming up under his piercing gaze. It was like my body wasn’t my own under his careful and intense attention.

I licked my suddenly dried lips and saw his eyes following the movement. He slowly licked his own, keeping his eyes on mine. He made the action look so sensual that I had to avert my gaze.

Why was he doing this to me? One minute he acted like he wanted to kill me, while the next it appeared like he wanted to kiss me senseless. Was it all a game to him?

I scoffed. Of course, it was a game. That’s what he did. I had heard rumors about him. He would play you masterfully, like the notes of a piano. And when he was done, he would cast you out without a second thought. Or kill you.

I was only a pawn to him. And because of that, I had to tread smartly. If he was playing a game, then I would play one too, because one way or another, I had to get out of here alive.

“Nikolay,” Alessio yelled suddenly. His harsh voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I jumped when the door banged open behind me.

I swiveled around quickly to see an enormous man crowding the doorway. The way his feet were planted apart and with his wide shoulder, the man almost took up the whole doorway. His hair was cut very short. A long deep scar ran from the right side of his forehead and down to his chin. It made him look even more vicious. He wore a three-piece black suit, similar to Alessio’s. Two guns were attached to his holster.

I felt myself shiver when the man gave me a hateful glare.

“Nikolay, show Ayla the room beside mine. It’s hers now,” Alessio said in a familiar hard tone. My father and Alberto used the same tone when they ordered their men to do something. It meant they wanted immediate actions, without any questions or hesitations.

“When she’s settled, you are to bring her down to the maids. She’ll be working with them,” he continued. The whole time, Nikolay’s face was emotionless. There was not even a twitch. And I was sure he didn’t even blink.

When Alessio finished, Nikolay gave a sharp nod and waited for me to move. I looked back at Alessio and saw that he was staring at me, waiting to see what I did.

“Do I need any…umm…what do I need to do?” I stuttered nervously. With two big and powerful men in the room, it made me feel like prey. Maybe I was.

Alessio stepped closer until we were only an inch apart. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Anything I tell you.”

I stepped back quickly, my heart beating faster at his admission. “Excuse me?” I asked, my tone edgy.

“For now, the maids will tell you what you need to do,” Alessio said as he moved a step closer. “But if I want you to do something else…” He left his sentence hanging, his gaze intensely on mine. “Then I’ll let you know.”

His words did not soothe me in any way. In fact, they made me even more nervous. The way he finished his sentence, it was obvious that I had no say. Whatever he wanted me to do, I had to do it. Without any questions.