Tied to the Tycoon

By: Chloe Cox

She put her legs down and leaned forward. “You’re not always right.” She grinned at him. “Wait, really?”

“Yes, really.”

She giggled, then covered her mouth and tried to look dignified. “I feel like such an idiot.”

“You are an idiot right now. An adorable, beautiful, lovable idiot. And I’m going to take full advantage of your temporary idiocy.” Jackson produced a little package, which he’d been hiding behind his back. It was a small, unassuming pastry box. He was trying very, very hard not to shake.

“Is that what I think it is?” she asked, taking it from him with a big smile.

“Probably not.”

Ava frowned and opened the box. It was, as she’d expected, a red velvet cupcake with buttercream icing. The surprising part was the diamond solitaire ring poised on a whip of icing.

“Oh my God,” she whispered.

Jackson’s stomach was doing flip-flops, something he remembered as a symptom of nervousness. He preferred to think it was adrenaline. Adrenaline, definitely. Christ, why hadn’t she said anything?


She popped the ring in her mouth.

In all the many ways Jackson had played this out in his mind, he’d never, ever, ever thought about what to do if she ate the damn ring.

“Ava?” he said again, this time with bewilderment.

Ava’s cheeks hollowed out briefly, and then she took the ring out, now clean of icing, and slipped it on her finger. “Yes, you dummy,” she said shyly. “Now please kiss me before I start crying.”

Jackson did more than that. He pulled her to her feet, kissed her thoroughly, and unzipped the back of her dress.

“Jackson!” Ava laughed.

He put one finger under her chin and tilted her face back up to his. Then he slipped her shoulder straps down, and the dress fell to the floor. “That wasn’t just a proposal, sweetheart,” he said, grinning. “It was also an order.”

She smiled, shivering as he ran his hands over her naked breasts and then bent to pull off her panties. “Yes sir,” she said.



Sold to the Sheikh


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