Under the Cowboy's Control

By: Lynda Chance

The baby weight had dropped off Selena again. She was just as slender as the day she had come to his ranch, five years ago. Her breasts were fuller, and her face had matured with seductive beauty. Her English was still not perfect. But Travis continued to want her, day in and day out.

He fell more deeply in love with her as the years went by. She was the perfect wife.

He continued to count his blessings, and he remembered to thank God every day that she was his.

He looked over at his four year old twins playing in the sandbox. The boys were in the rough and tumble stage. They were growing bigger every day and causing mayhem all the time.

"Don't you think it's time we started on the new house by the pond?" Travis said lazily, stroking her shoulder. "We're growing out of this house."

Selena loved this house. It was her home. The house where the romance began, the house where their marriage started. The house where the babies were conceived. Well, probably.

"Not yet. Maybe one day." She turned to Travis, sitting next to her. "But not today."

She leaned her head down and rested it on his shoulder. He lazily pushed the swing with his foot.

Selena gazed off into the distance, content. Her eyes wandered closer, past the sandbox, over to the fence line, not far distant.

She gripped Travis by the leg and raised her head. "Travis. Look." Her voice contained disbelief.

Travis looked in the direction she was pointing. A large male skunk with a smaller female and three babies walked in a line toward the house. They ambled closer and saw the humans. The female hesitated, then stopped with the babies, but the male turned and left his family there for a moment. He walked forward, past the sandbox and came within three feet of the porch.

Travis and Selena stared in awe at the grown male skunk. Selena made a little kissing noise that she had used with the baby skunks years ago, and the male turned and looked right at her. The skunk recognized the noise and stayed for a full three minutes, listening to Selena crooning to him.

And then, his visit over, he turned and left, his little skunk family following him.

"Can you believe it? That had to be him. The little male. He came back to show us his family." Selena was so happy that Travis didn't tell her that male skunk had probably had dozens of families by now. But she was right, it was the male skunk coming to visit.

"Yep, that was him all right. I'm sure he misses you just as much as you missed them when we had to let them go."

"Yes. But we didn't so much as let them go as they just left."

"Baby, they're skunks, not domestic animals, even though you made pets out of them." Travis pushed his foot, and the swing continued to move.

She cut her eyes at him. "Well, that old barn was the only place you let me go for weeks."

Travis looked down at her and raised her chin with his finger. He gave her a slow, leisurely kiss. "I wanted you chained to my bed." He searched her eyes. "I still do.

Is the baby asleep yet?"

"Yes. Now all we have to do is bathe the boys." She slowly stood up and moved the baby girl to her shoulder. "Will you bring them in?"

"Sure. We'll be there in a minute." He watched her go, the curve of her hip brushing against him.

An hour later, all three children were fast asleep in bed.

Travis watched Selena take her hair down from her ponytail. It fell down to her waist, and brushed against the soft cotton of her pink nightgown. He lay on his side, in the bed, his hand propping up his head as he watched her walk over to the bed.


She looked over at him, watching her. Her mind raced as she tried not to smile.

How he could hold a straight face after five years was beyond her. This was the best part of every day.

"What?" Her voice was soft, arousal not far from the surface.

" Get it off." The demand was still there.

A thrill went through her. She stood still by the bed and he rose up and came to her side. His hand fisted the hem of her nightgown and started raising it. "I want to see you naked." The nightgown lifted off and over her head.

She clutched at his shoulders. His mouth came down on hers. He laid her down in the middle of the bed, and came over her. He spread her legs with his and fisted a hand in her hair. He reached down to the bounty of her full, luscious breasts.

"You're beautiful."

He couldn't wait. It had been two days, and he couldn't wait another second. He began pushing inside her.

Selena closed her eyes and felt pure spirals of joy spread through her veins. She grabbed his shoulders and held on.

He sunk all the way inside of her, paused, and felt that moment of pure, total contentment when she was under him.

He raised his head. "Open your eyes."

Selena lifted her lashes and saw the deep brown of his eyes looking straight into her soul.

His words were deep and true. "I love you, Angel."

She tightened her grip on his shoulders. "I love you, too."

He began to move slowly inside of her. "You're mine. Forever."

Selena felt the thrill go all the way through her body. "Yes, Travis. Forever."