Brie's Submission

By: Red Phoenix

The Honeymoon Begins…

Brie woke up slowly, the pleasant fog of sleep quickly clearing as a sense of excitement took over. She opened her eyes and gazed on Sir as he slept; he had a peaceful expression on his face. Brie had always felt she could see a hint of the young boy he’d once been when the worries of the world weren’t reflected on his face.

“My husband…” she whispered.

Her soft words were enough to wake him. She held her breath as those soulful eyes opened and focused on her.


Brie smiled, thrilled that she now carried that title.

“Come here,” he commanded with a low growl, pulling her closer to him. “I want to start our first full day as man and wife filling you with my manly essence.”

Her insides did a flip-flop, remembering the passion and excitement of being taken without any barriers between them—chemical or physical—the night before.

“How would you like me to make love to you this time?” he asked, rubbing his hard shaft against her.

Brie blushed when she answered, “I’d like to do it missionary style again.”

He stopped moving and looked her in the eye, asking in a serious tone, “You’re not turning vanilla on me now that we’re married, are you?”

“No,” she giggled softly. “I just like looking into your eyes when you come inside me.”

Sir’s growl was husky, his eyes lustful when he answered, “You should not say that or our session will end up unsatisfyingly short.”

He left the four-poster marriage bed and returned to her minutes later wearing a wicked grin. “Before we begin, I want to feel the passion of your lips.”

Brie smiled, eager to please him that way. When he joined her back on the bed, she took his princely shaft in her hand and lowered her head. “I have always loved this cock,” she mumbled seductively.

“It has always loved you,” he replied, pushing her mouth toward the head of his shaft.

Brie opened her lips, gratefully encasing his manhood with their soft caress. He tasted of fresh soap, but still retained the manly musk that was uniquely him.

She moaned as she licked the charming head of his cock, tasting the tanginess of his pre-come, excited because his masculine essence now had the power to make a baby inside her. The thought of it sent delightful chills through Brie’s body.

She pushed his shaft slowly down her throat as Sir lay back on the bed, sighing in contentment. Unlike most men, he could take the attention of her mouth for over an hour without orgasming. It seemed that the sexual stimulation was relaxing for him, rather than being overly arousing.

It made the experience much more than a simple physical connection; it was a spiritual melding, which Brie cherished. However, in her enthusiasm she lavished too much adoration on his cock. He placed his hand on her head and commanded, “Slow down, wife.”

She looked up at Sir, his cock between her lips and smiled apologetically. She knew better; he’d taught her how he preferred it. Thankfully, her Master understood that her excitement over their recent nuptials was the cause for her forgetting the basics.

Brie slowed way down, concentrating on the smoothness of the head of his hard shaft, the delicious ridge that she lovingly caressed with her tongue—the feel of it thrilling her in a way he would never know. Then there was the frenulum, which she thoroughly enjoyed licking and teasing.

Whenever Sir allowed her to perform oral pleasures, it gave her the chance to possess his manhood in a way that was as powerful as it was sexy. His cock became her vessel to bestow all her love and affection.

She communicated the gift of her submission, the joy of being his only, and the deep respect she held for Sir not only as her Master, but as her soulmate and husband.

Just as she had been trained at The Center, Brie remembered to voice her pleasure verbally—a flaw she’d been called on early in her training, but rarely suffered from now. She also snuck glances at him as she pleasured him, gratified when she caught Sir staring at her.

The look in his eyes was not only laced with desire, but with intense love.

Sir’s love melted her heart. He could have any woman in the world and yet he had chosen her despite having to lose his position at the center while enduring the financial hit his business suffered after the release of her BDSM documentary. The biggest hurdle of all—Sir never wanted to marry or have children.