Dangerous Attraction:Part Three (Aegis Group)

By: Sidney Bristol

Dangerous Attraction: Part Three

Aegis Group

Sidney Bristol

Dangerous Attraction: Part Three

Ex-Navy SEAL Travis Ration has made the mistake of his life and now it's a race against time and a killer to set things right. When he left Bliss Giles heart-broken and in protective custody, he thought he was giving her the freedom to a better future. But his heart says otherwise. Now, he must find the killer before Bliss trades herself for her sister. He's not going to give up the woman who has stolen his battered heart.

The hunters become the hunted in the conclusion of this tale of serial killers and SEALs for hire. A sister will make the ultimate sacrifice and a man must fight for what he believes he doesn't deserve in this romantic suspense serial by NYT & USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Bristol.

For once, everything just might end well.

Dayna & Jess,

Thanks for not killing me.


Only in the agony of parting

do we look into the depths of love.



Travis hit the ground, rolling and grabbing for the firearm in his boot holster. Every fiber of his body was hyper aware of his surroundings. His left arm burned, and he couldn’t feel his fingers. There wasn’t time to worry about the injury now, not with someone firing a gun at him. Adrenaline fueled his need to survive. Bliss. He had to get back to her. Had to protect her. She wasn’t safe.

He rose to his knees, gun raised and pointed toward the front of the SUV where he’d glimpsed the shooter.


It had to be him. Travis had caught a glimpse of a familiar car. The nagging sense that something was wrong had just started low in his gut, and then he saw the blast of muzzle fire. From there he operated on instinct, dropping to the ground, narrowly avoiding the shot.

How had Daniel found him so fast? Why was he after Travis? What had changed to make him deviate from the plan? Daniel went after the girls and transient junkies.

Pinpricks of pain started in the fingers on his left hand. The good news was he could flex and move the limb, though the ache radiating down from his shoulder meant he was going to be in a world of pain after the adrenaline dump wore off.

An inhuman roar bounced and echoed off the brick walls boxing them in. There was nowhere for Travis to go but through Daniel. This was it. The end. He could finish this right now. Make it so that Bliss never had to worry about the killer ever again.

He crawled to the front of the truck. On a whim, he’d backed into the spot, which meant a faster exit, and a measure of protection for a shoot-out.

The footsteps came closer. Heavy boots thudding on the new asphalt.

Travis crouched behind the rental SUV, the front wheels to his back.




He straightened, sighted his shot, and fired off two rounds. Daniel ducked, and the back window of a car shattered. He was maybe six feet away, out in the open lot. It should be like shooting fish in a barrel, but tremors shook Travis’ arm.

Daniel returned fire, hitting the front of the SUV and the van behind him. Travis ducked behind his truck, his right leg almost buckling. A big piece of glass stuck out from his calf. He didn’t remember getting cut, but adrenaline did funny things in the heat of battle.

Two more shots pinged off the truck.

Travis circled his truck until he had the brick wall behind him, and the SUV between him and Daniel. He took a breath and then stepped out in the open, aiming at where he expected Daniel to be.

He was gone.

Travis was alone.

Travis limped around the SUV, gun up, sweeping the lot in case Daniel was hiding. People across the street were yelling, a car alarm was going off, but no Daniel. He’d disappeared.

The florist shop window sported several new cracks. The owner peeked out from around the corner. Travis dug his laminated badge out from his back pocket and flashed it. The badge didn’t have any legal weight besides identifying who he worked for, but sometimes it got civilians moving.

“Call the cops. Tell them Daniel Campbell was here. Do it. Now. Get inside.”

Daniel had meant to kill him. For some reason, he was going after Travis, not Bliss or Wendy. It was a complete and total break from pattern. Daniel was going to be even more desperate now. People needed off the streets, out of his path, or the bodies were going to start piling up even more.