Delicious Desires

By: Jackie Williams

She studied his hard, tanned forearms, so out of place in the stiff white shirt, his wide chest and shoulders straining the material slightly as he bent forwards. She wondered if he had moved either of the four by fours by hand to fit his car between them. Looking at the size of him now, it seemed entirely possible. Caroline sighed deeply as she stared appreciatively at his beautifully toned physique and gave in.

She slipped out from behind the steering wheel and walked to the front of her car, stooping to pick up the scattered paperwork with him. She noticed his scent again, deliciously spicy. She breathed in deeply and enjoyed the subtle fragrance as she gathered up the letters and drawings. He stood up, towering over her, and started putting them in order, resting his case on the top of her car. He hurriedly sifted through the pages, the muscle in his jaw working hard as he seemed to grit his teeth together.

Caroline handed over some more sheets and pushed her hair back from where it had fallen over face again.

“There you go. No harm done, but please look where you’re walking in the future. You nearly gave me a heart attack!” She attempted a tentative smile at him.

He took the last drawing from her hand and turned his head to look down at her for a long moment. She couldn’t fathom his expression as his eyes travelled over her face and she swallowed noisily as a last piece of sherbet pip found its way out from between two teeth.

His dark grey eyes, surrounded by even blacker lashes, were mesmerizing in their deepness and almost magnetic. For a mad moment Caroline thought he was going to lean down to kiss her. Then hesitantly, he lifted his huge hand and brushed his forefinger gently just beneath her eye, skimming over her skin so lightly she could hardly feel it.

She gasped in surprise as her heart rated shot up and electric shocks ran through her whole body. She jerked her face away from him. His expression was curious and he raised his eyebrows as he watched her reaction to his touch. He dropped his gaze and looked distractedly at his watch. He pulled his frown firmly back into place as he growled out, “Now I really am late. Another time, for goodness’ sake, concentrate when you’re driving. Even this little thing,” he indicated her Mini with a wave of his hand, “could have killed me.” His tone was as hard as his jaw and his face remained stern. “Now I must get to that planning meeting, before you manage to destroy me and my contract completely.” He turned towards the council buildings, dismissing her without a second glance, his broad shoulders swinging and straining the shirt again as he jogged fluidly away from her.

Caroline stood there with her mouth open in shock.

What an arrogant arse! And after she’d helped him too!

She shut her mouth quickly, her brain eventually kicking into gear as she finally registered the words he had actually spoken.

Connected with what she had seen in his briefcase, she could at last put all the clues together. She had been too distracted by him to take note earlier. Her wide green eyes narrowed sharply as she realized who he was.

He was one of the developers! Probably the guy who owned the company going by the spectacular car he drove and the fabulously suit he wore. She bit down a frustrated groan as the implications hit her. He was one of the men stamping on her dream and denying her friends their jobs.

For a fraction of a second she wished she hadn’t slammed the brakes on quite so hard. There was no way her little car would have killed him going at that speed. It was more likely that he would have killed her car; he was just too huge to be run over by a Mini travelling at less than twenty miles per hour, but it may have knocked some of the superiority out of him. If he hadn’t arrived at the meeting on time maybe the development could have been stopped or at the very least delayed for a few weeks.

Breathing heavily, her heart pounding irrationally, she climbed back into her car, realizing that it was a lost hope. Nothing was going to change the Councils mind. They had sewn up the deal weeks ago. These things weren’t decided in one tiny meeting with an angry bloke and a briefcase. Her little protest hadn’t made the slightest bit of difference and Mercedes Man being a few minutes late wouldn’t change anything either.

She looked in her rear view mirror to check on any other drivers and groaned deeply as she caught sight of her reflection. Her hair was sticking out from beneath the pushed-up sunglasses and her face was smudged with watery mascara. There was a slight lightening of the dark makeup where Mercedes Man had rubbed his finger across it.

Just typical! She thought. Why did she have to look such a mess? He must have thought she was the local lunatic with her mad hair and crazy eyes. She pulled a makeup wipe from in the glove compartment and cleaned up her face. She shoved the blackened wipe back into the glove compartment and grabbed another handful of sherbet pips at the same time.

She crunched them furiously as she put the car into gear and, after looking much more carefully than strictly necessary, turned out onto the road.

Chapter Two

This was so what she needed. She didn’t care if her skin became wrinkled like a prune; after the day she’d had she felt entitled to stand in the shower as long as she was able.