Delicious Desires

By: Jackie Williams

The hot water splashed over her body, cleansing the bubbles from her hair and the stress from her shoulders.

As the water ran cooler, Caroline stepped out of the shower and dried herself on a huge fluffy towel. She wrapped it around her body and took another slightly smaller one to wrap around her mass of water-slickened hair. She tucked the loose end in firmly and walked through to her bedroom.

She selected her favourite body lotion and sat on the edge of the bed massaging the fragrant cream into her arms and legs, enjoying the cool sensation and smoothness on her skin.

Loosening the towel around her hair, she turned her head upside down and, wriggling her fingers through the dark strands, she let her long hair fall nearly to the floor as she blow-dried it. She brushed through the warm silky hair when it was dry, pulling it back over her shoulders and letting its curling fullness fall nearly to her waist.

She sat quietly thinking for a moment before she went to her wardrobe.

The mood in the shop had been sombre. After the disastrous council meeting, Caroline had called in her four part-time staff to give them the bad news. There was no way she was going to let them find out by any other means.

They would be closing the shop in three months, making way for the new waterfront apartment blocks with shopping facilities beneath. As her lease had been for three years, she would be offered an option to take premises in the new facilities, but the developers would decide the rental later. It was going to be considerably more expensive than now and was almost irrelevant anyway; they all knew they couldn’t wait the year for the development to be ready.

Their shoulders had all drooped and Cathy had even started to cry. Caroline had put her arms around her friends trying to reassure them that she would do her best to keep it going and find another suitable outlet for their fabulous homemade cakes, chocolates and sweets. She tried to sound upbeat and confident although deep down she knew she would be hard-pressed to get anything off the ground at such short notice.

It was Cathy’s impulsive suggestion to go out that cheered them all slightly. They all agreed that it was no good sitting around being miserable. Why not have one good fling while they could all still afford it? They made the sudden decision to go to the local nightclub after work. It was an over twenty-fives only night, and Cathy made jokes about Caroline being lucky that she’d just had her twenty-fifth birthday, or she wouldn’t have been allowed to in. She had better take some I.D. or they wouldn’t let her in. Caroline had laughed out loud for the first time that day. They made hurried arrangements to meet that evening. It would be the perfect antidote to her terrible day.

Caroline ran her fingers lightly along her rail of clothes, most of which were far more suited to day wear than the evening, before she settled for a tightly fitting, strapless black dress that set off her creamy white skin perfectly. The dress had a built-in bodice and she decided to go without a bra as the figure-hugging material would only allow for the skimpiest of underwear.

After slipping the dress over her head and smoothing it down her stomach and thighs, she stood looking approvingly in her full-length mirror. It would knock them dead, she decided, knowing that her slim waist and curvy hips were exactly right for this outfit. Not that she knew anyone to knock dead of course, but that wasn’t going to influence her decision.

She put on only light makeup and a touch of mascara, leaving her fabulous green eyes to do their own work and then lashings of very red lipstick to set off her pale complexion.

She looked at her reflection. The resulting effect was spectacular. Her dark brown hair glossed over her shoulders, skimming radiantly across her ivory skin. She just needed her blood red, killer heels with matching handbag and she would be more than ready for action.

Cathy stood waiting at the door of the club talking to the two huge bouncers who vetted the entrants when Caroline arrived. The men looked admiringly at her and she felt a little self-conscious. Cathy was very attractive but Caroline, with her incredibly long hair and goddess-like figure was much more glamorous.

“The others have cried off.” Cathy said immediately as she kissed Caroline on both cheeks in greeting. “Gemma couldn’t find a babysitter in time and Lucy and Georgie are going out with their boyfriends instead, so it’s just us two.” She explained as Caroline’s face dropped a little.

“Oh well, it was short notice I suppose. It would have been perfect if they had come but we’ll have a great time anyway. Perhaps we’ll have time to sort something out with them another evening but we may as well enjoy ourselves as we are here.” Caroline smiled warmly as she looked at her friend. Cathy was wearing a tight red miniskirt and soft cream blouse. A wide black belt cinched in at her waist. The outfit was dramatic and striking and Caroline hoped that she didn’t look too plain in her deep black.

Cathy spoke quickly again as she nodded in the direction of the nightclub doormen as she passed and they gave the two women appreciative glances. Cathy smiled back at them and then nudged Caroline’s arm.

“We don’t want to waste any time hanging about out here. It’s too chilly for a start and I mustn’t be late tonight home if you want me opening the shop on time in the morning. I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of my boss so let’s go and get dancing.” She chuckled as Caroline raised her eyebrows and laughed.