Delicious Desires

By: Jackie Williams

The music throbbed in the darkened nightclub and the dance floor was already crowded with writhing bodies. Caroline and Cathy made their way towards the bar, weaving between other clubbers and choosing white wine spritzers when they were eventually served.

The drink was very cool and almost too refreshing and they both finished the first glass quickly. Caroline bought another round and they shimmied their way through the crowds as they tried to find a table. Several men gave her and Cathy long, lustful glances and one or two made admiring remarks as they passed.

At last they found a seat and as they put their glasses on the table they looked around at the other clubbers. It was only as they sat down that Caroline saw one man in particular, staring straight at her from across the dance floor.

Her heart immediately picked up its pace, thumping erratically in her chest and she glanced away quickly as she suddenly recognized Mercedes Man.

He was at the middle of a small gathering of women. A couple of men were there too, standing back from the ladies who all looked towards the tall man at their centre. The whole group looked stunningly beautiful, but he stood out, almost blindingly attractive, as he towered over the other men and women surrounding him. His dark hair was a lustrous blue-black under the strobe lighting, curling into his collar and he looked like some sort of dark God in pale fitted jeans and short-sleeved linen shirt. The huge muscles at the tops of his arms were obvious beneath the fine material and his broad, square shoulders emphasized the slimness of his waist.

Caroline didn’t look any further down as her heart began to pound madly and she could feel her pulse beating in her throat. She turned away and sat with her back to him, talking animatedly to Cathy, and trying not to think of how she had looked, with her hair and make-up everywhere, earlier on in the day. With a bit of luck he hadn’t recognised her.

It obviously wasn’t her lucky day.

Cathy’s looked up as a huge shadow loomed over Caroline’s shoulder. Her eyes popped wide in surprise as she took in the glorious man. There was only one person in the room who would have made Cathy react that way.

Caroline could almost feel his eyes boring into the back of her head and then she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned her head slowly and looked up, a very long way up, her eyes taking in every inch of him as they slid over the length of his body. His dark grey eyes were smouldering as he smiled a breathtakingly white smile down at her. She turned up the corners of her mouth in brittle acknowledgment and looked then back to Cathy, determined not to speak to him, but she groaned inwardly as she saw that Cathy was already on her way towards the dance floor, leaving a very empty chair by Caroline’s side.

Mercedes Man slipped gracefully into the vacant seat, his knee accidentally touching hers briefly. Caroline deliberately looked down, not meeting his magnetic gaze and she shifted her leg away from his, making sure it couldn’t be touched by him again.

She could sense immediately how much more comfortable and relaxed he was in his denim jeans and soft linen shirt. The trousers and stiff-collared shirt ensemble of earlier had obviously only been worn for his meeting. She continued to look down at her hands until he suddenly put a long finger under her chin and lifted her face.

She still had to look a long way up even though he was sitting. The tingling electric feeling of earlier in the day returned as the heat of his finger burned her skin, but she didn’t knock it away or pull back this time. The pulse in her neck beat erratically against his skin as he spoke and she hoped he couldn’t feel it.

“I thought it was you I saw coming in. I want to say sorry about this morning. I was in such a rush and the parking was so limited but I really shouldn’t have been so rude.” He had to raise his voice above the sound of the music but she could hear that he was making a genuine apology. “Are you okay now? You looked as though you’d been upset by something.”

“Yes, I’m okay,” She answered automatically and slightly breathlessly. The way he was staring at her was most unfair and she had to steady herself as he took his finger away from her chin. She wiped a smear of red lipstick from around the top of her glass with her fingertip to give herself something to do while she considered more of a response but the way he looked at her made it hard for her to think.

“What are you here to celebrate?” He watched her finger touching the rim of the glass. He didn’t wait for her response but his face was bright with excitement, his smile lighting it up and a tiny dimple showed in one of his lean cheeks. “I’m here with some friends and business colleagues.” He wafted a huge hand in the general direction of the dance floor and acknowledged his group of friends who appeared to be staring at him intently. He turned away from them again and gave Caroline his undivided attention. “Our meeting went brilliantly even though I was a little late with the final drawings. It was fortunate that one of my colleagues had thought to take in the model earlier in the week. We’re having a couple of pints. You know, letting our hair down before the real work starts. You and your friend are welcome to join us.” His voice was still raised and Caroline suddenly remembered who he was. She narrowed her eyes and scowled at him furiously.