Delicious Desires

By: Jackie Williams

She tried not to look at anyone as she danced, but the two men who had danced with Cathy were back on the dance floor with her, making it obvious that they were keen to take things further. However, as friendly as they seemed, she just wasn’t interested. Men were the last thing on her agenda at the moment. She moved away, not wanting to encourage them, then went and drank a little more of her spritzer. She stood and finished the glass, hoping that the two men had taken the hint and wouldn’t join her on the dance floor again. But just to make sure she waited for a few more moments, scanning the area carefully.

The lights flashed and the crowds were making her feel uncomfortably hot. The ladies’ room beckoned and she turned and started for the toilet, but the two men were there yet again. They were becoming annoying but as she went to step round them, she felt the room tip slightly sideways. One of the men tried to catch her arm as she staggered past, but she flung up her hand and stumbled away from him, desperately trying to keep to her feet.

The ladies’ room vestibule had only a couple of women standing in front of the mirrors re-applying their make-up, but the room sounded full of noise. Caroline couldn’t follow their conversation at all and she wobbled to a cubicle feeling very odd.

The noise in her head continued as she sat on the toilet and tried to remember why she was there. Her head spun sickeningly. She dragged herself to the sink and splashed her face with cold water. She was horribly tired and her arms felt as heavy as lead. The cool water refreshed her slightly, but she felt no more co-ordinated She couldn’t hold her vision still and the room seemed to slip away under her feet as she walked towards the door.

The other two women had already left and she stumbled away from the sinks, eager to return to the dance floor in the hope that dancing would dispel the weird feeling that was threatening to overwhelm her. She opened the lavatory door onto the corridor and jumped back in fright when she found the two men from the dance floor standing right outside, grinning widely at her.

She stumbled against the wall in surprise.

One of the men leered at her, his eyes raking her body up and down as the taller man stepped forwards.

“Hey! There you are gorgeous. We’ve been waiting for you.” The man’s voice echoed strangely in her head. It sounded as though he was speaking from far away and the movement of his lips was out of synchronisation with his words.

Caroline tried to tell him to back off but her tongue felt as though it was swollen, almost too big for her mouth. Her words came out in a slurred and confused jumble. She attempted to push round the man and walk into the corridor but her arms flailed uselessly at her sides and she wobbled dangerously in her high heels.

She heard herself cry out as the other man grabbed at her bare shoulders. He pulled her into a rough embrace, his hard hands digging into the soft skin of her back, his thin lips very near to her face and his sour, beery breath swamping her.

“Come on baby. Don’t be like that. We know you want it really. You’ve been putting it about all night.” His voice drooled over her, breath stinking as he leaned in very close.

She turned her head away sharply and opened her mouth to scream but he put his sweaty hand over her lips, cutting off any sound. He clutched her tightly to his thick, clammy body with his other arm, laughing at her feeble attempts to escape.

His body odour almost overwhelmed her senses, reeking in the back of her nose. The second man came in close and started to run his rough fingers through her hair.

Tears sprang to her eyes as his calloused hands tangled and pulled some of the long, silky strands from her scalp. He caught hold of her hair more firmly, twisting it in his grip and pulling her head backwards to expose her throat.

And then she was being dragged towards an emergency exit, her brain caught up with her body as at last she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to escape the two of them.

But then the first man’s hand abruptly jerked away from her face and she could breathe clearly again. There was a blur of frantic movement and she saw him sink to the floor.

The second man was spinning, arms flailing, before he went flying through the air as Mercedes Man launched his massive fist into the attacker’s stomach. She heard loud whooshing sound as his breath was forced from his lungs and he crumpled into a ball, arms around his middle. The first man was trying to lift himself to his feet, but it was a feeble attempt and Mercedes Man stepped over the second assailant and punched him again, hard, in the face. This time he fell back and lay still, groaning in pain, blood pouring from his nose and mouth.

Caroline let out a great sob as her rescuer moved forwards towards her, his face contorted with rage as he stepped over the felled attacker.

She tried to take a step back but his long arms reached out to her as she began to topple uncontrollably sideways. He caught her in an iron embrace before she hit the floor, pulling her close to his chest and cradling her in his arms, his dark eyes wildly searching hers.

Before she could even think that she should hate this man too, his cool peppermint breath washed over her clouded senses and blackness closed in.