Delicious Desires

By: Jackie Williams

Chapter Three

Warmth surrounded her as she woke. She kept her eyes closed as she listened to soft music coming from somewhere around her. She lay very still, trying to get her bearings, her head pounding painfully and her heart beating wildly in her chest. She waited until it slowed slightly before even thinking of moving.

A few moments of calm breathing had her feeling brave enough to open her eyes. She shut them immediately as brilliant sunlight made them water. She waited again for a few seconds and then opened them again carefully, blinking rapidly as she peered out over the thick covers at the unrecognized room.

The ceiling was extraordinarily high and the sun was streaming through high arched windows that appeared to be all be placed along one wall. The other walls were painted a brilliant shade of white and had fantastic pieces of modern art displayed on them.

There was a bedside table next to her and a large leather chair by the door. She could see her black dress slung over one arm of the chair and a man’s jacket hanging over the other.

Two pairs of shoes were placed tidily beneath the chair. One pair high and red. The other brown and huge.

She quickly turned over in the bed hoping to God that there wasn’t anyone in it with her. She hadn’t been with a man for several months, the shop having taken up all her free time, but she couldn’t remember leaving the club with anyone last night. Cathy had left early but she couldn’t remember much after that. She scrabbled about in her brain for some kind of memory but nothing came to her. Though it wouldn’t be the first time she’d woken in another person’s bed, on the other occasions she had at least known who she was sleeping with. Her few previous relationships had been built on companionship and trust. This was a ghastly new experience for her.

The bed was empty beside her and from the look of the duvet and pillow, nobody had lain there but she couldn’t be sure. She quickly ran her hands down her body and was relieved to discover that she was dressed in a huge and deliciously soft white t-shirt that came down to her thighs. It smelled vaguely familiar and she pulled at the material, bringing it to her nose to breathe the scent in more deeply.

She dropped the soft fabric as she heard gentle footsteps outside the door. She dragged the covers up to her neck and sat up as someone tapped lightly on the wooden panel.

“Yes?” She answered the tap slightly nervously, and tried to pull the tangles out of her impossibly long hair as the door opened noiselessly.

Mercedes Man strode purposefully into the room carrying a tray bearing a plate of toast and mugs of tea. The smell of the fresh toast wafted over her.

Caroline groaned inwardly. She dropped the hand stuck in her hair and covered her eyes as he smiled devastatingly at her, dark eyes searching her face as the dimple in his cheek twitched.

He brought the tray to the bedside table, walking gracefully in bare feet, his fitted denim jeans skimming over hard thighs and his huge torso encased in soft white cotton, every muscled contour showing through the tight material. It was impossible not to notice him and her breath hitched in her throat as all her senses went into overdrive. He looked God-like again and Caroline, now peering through her parted fingers, couldn’t help admiring this time.

“Afternoon, sleepy-head. How are you feeling today?” His voice was slightly mocking as he handed her one of the mugs.

“Okay… I think. Is it afternoon already?” She drew away from him for a moment but as he raised an eyebrow she took the mug and showed her face at last. “How did I end up here? I mean, did we…?” She asked self-consciously, drawing her knees up as she glanced at the empty space beside her. From his confident manner it didn’t appear that it was unusual occurrence to find strange women in his bed. She hoped that his ego wouldn’t be offended that she couldn’t remember a thing about the previous night.

He stared at the space too.

“No, no. We didn’t. Nothing happened.” He reassured her gently, frowning slightly. He fell silent as he stared at her.

She let out a relieved breath and was about to take a sip of the scalding tea when her memory came flooding back to her. She jerked her head up at him, her eyes wide and lips trembling as she spoke.

“Oh my God! Those awful men! They were all over me, wouldn’t leave me alone. They followed me to the bathroom.” Her expression was appalled. “I couldn’t get away from them; my body wouldn’t do anything properly. I lost all co-ordination.” Her whole body started to shake and her words tumbled from trembling lips. He took the mug back from her as the tea threatened to slosh over the brim.

“They were touching me, pawing all over me. Ugh!” She sounded revolted and very frightened at the same time but then another memory came back to her. Her head shot up as she suddenly remembered how Mercedes Man had flattened both of the pigs. “I can’t bear to think of what they might have done to me if you hadn’t turned up.” She looked up at him with grateful eyes.

He sipped his tea and shrugged.

“Hey, it’s okay. They barely had chance to touch you. You’re safe here now.” His voice was firm and reassuring. “I’m sorry I didn’t take you home but you didn’t have I.D. with an address.” He looked guiltily at her. “Sorry… I searched through your bag to see if I could find out where you lived, but I couldn’t find anything very helpful. You were pretty far gone so I thought it best if I brought you back here anyway.”