Finding Rhiannon (Lilith's Army MC #2)

By: Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom

Author Note

This title is an MC novel, therefore, has some darker themes.

This is Book 2 in ‘The Lilith’s Army Series’ to fully enjoy this title, you should have read book one first ‘Taking Avery’

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For all our wild, brave, dark Princesses out there.

You don’t need your own bike when you have your own biker.

Thank You

Allison Irwin

Thank you for your keen eye and invaluable input.

You’re a bad bitch.



“I love you,” he whispers on his last breath. The rhythmic movement of his ribcage stills beneath my hand.

Every girl in love longs to hear those three special words, but not like this, not on the stained red lips of the man you’re not sure how to live without.

I want to reverse time.

Go back.

Change everything from playing out like this.

We all rode into a tornado to try and find the calm at its centre.

But, like the saying goes, the calm always comes before the storm.



4 weeks ago

“You’re free to go.”

It’s not the three little words that we’re supposed to long to hear, but hell, I’ll take the four the officer mutters over them any day. With them brings me more relief and happiness than any I love yous could have at this moment in time.

“Sign here,” he grumbles, his brow dipping low over tired, wrinkled eyes.

A snap pierces the dead air, and I startle when the officer slams a pen on the counter.

He drops a clear bag down next to the pen, which contains some jewelry and the loose change they’d confiscated from me when cuffing me along with everyone else at the Cutters’ club.

Without raising his head to look at me and blowing out an exasperated breath, he taps his finger on the line requesting a signature. He is obviously in need of a vacation.

Picking up the pen from the counter, I let the ink smudge out my name with a flick of my wrist over where he indicates and then hand it back to him before picking up the bag with my belongings inside.

“Thanks…” I offer, just stopping myself from adding ‘asshole’.

He grunts in return, still without looking up from whatever has his attention beneath the counter. Probably porn on his cell. Perv.

The overhead light buzzes and flickers, illuminating the small foyer area that’s empty apart from me one side of the counter and the officer on the other. It’s eerily quiet, and the unsettled stirring that’s been living in my gut since those assholes took me to the Cutters’ club is still present inside me.

I rush to the exit as fast as my shoes carry me, the fear they’ll decide to keep me longer if they realize who I actually am driving me forward in haste.

I’d assumed they thought I was just a club slut at the Cutters to party when one of the officers barked something about not seeing any reason to keep me longer than necessary, but he then whispered his name and told me to tell my dad he was responsible for me getting processed out. I pull out the object he’s slipped into the small pocket of my dress and sigh at the sight of my cell phone. Friends in enemy territory. It didn’t surprise me. Nothing did with my father.

Pushing through the glass door out into the brisk air, gulping down a lungful and sighing, I shiver when the cold breeze bites at my flesh. I have no coat and I’m still in my dress from the day before.

All my life I’ve been taught the police were the enemy, but tonight they saved me, saved me from that disgusting pig Axel, stopped him from finishing what he had intended when he forced me down a corridor and into a bedroom. A shudder ripples through me at the memory.

“You smell like a virgin. Either way, you’re going to bleed for me.”

Looking down at my thigh, the small thin bloodline is visible and angry from his knife. Bastard.

I was called Princess by all of Lilith’s Army, but a biker Princess was different than any other. I wasn’t a damsel, far from it. Aggressive, overpowering men like Axel didn’t intimidate me. I grew up with a brother more twisted than any other, and his darkness prepared me for the world, for men like Axel. I grew up quick and motherless, her death scarring me and molding me to accept the evil, to learn, grow, and prepare for it.

My cute features and pretty clothes always give people the wrong impression of me, and I like it that way. I’m unassuming, and that disarms people. It wasn’t what Axel expected that’s for sure.

Flicking my cell on it surprises me when it lights up. A text from my brother sends nervous energy crackling through my veins.

Don’t worry I’m coming for you.

The battery is on thirteen percent; enough to make a call. My finger hovers over my dad’s contact, but I know Scorch will be losing his mind with me being taken. I hit his number and pin the device to my ear. After three rings the connection is made, but he doesn’t speak.


“Oh God, Princess, it’s you.”

“I need you to come pick me up, please, and can you bring some clothes with you?”

“I’ll be there, I’m coming right now. Don’t move.”