Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

“I’m sorry. I thought it was Kara walking into the room. I honestly didn’t mean to get you all wet. Although, I have to admit, I’m not regretting it now that I see the end result.” Daniel seemed to be proud of himself as he wrapped his arms around Kara’s ass and continued staring at me with a wide grin spread across his face.

“What the frack are the water balloons for anyway?” I asked as I made my way further into the living room and sat next to the lovebirds. Gag me now, please.

“Well, the water balloons were just an afterthought, but obviously might be more fun than the silly game I made up,” Kara explained while looking over at me and winking. Leaning back, I spread my arms out across the sofa, clearly giving her an eyeful of my tits through my now see-through tank. Her glossy lips curved into a smile at my bold gesture. Meathead sucked in a quick breath and licked his lips, staring at me as if Kara wasn’t even there. “Anyway, we were thinking of playing with these risqué candy hearts we got at the monkey store…”

“Wait, monkey store?” I asked as I grabbed the box of candies she held up. “Oh! The toy store! I totally forgot you call that place the monkey store.”

“Yeah, well, I was thinking we could play some sort of matching game and if we don’t get a match, we have to strip a piece of clothing off. If we’re all stripped down and still don’t get a match, we then get pelted by a water balloon!” Kara explained with excitement as she repositioned herself between Daniel and me.

“And what happens if we do get a match?” I asked, knowing she was definitely not done torturing me for the night.

“That’s the fun part! If you do get a match, you have to perform whatever the hearts say to another player of your choice.”

Looking at the box of candies once more, I realized why she was so excited about this matching game. These hearts were, without a doubt, very graphic and adult in nature. I definitely wanted to play this game with Kara. I could do without the attractive meathead on the other side of the couch, but it looked as though I had no other choice. Besides, it’s not like he’s a troll or anything. I’m sure Kara and I could give him a night he would never forget. As long as I get some one-on-one time with her, I’ll be happy.

“I’m in. Let’s play,” I said, while grinning and tossing the box of naughty candies on the table next to the filled water balloons.

This is gonna be fun.

“All right, Sam. You go first!” Kara directed excitedly. The smile on her face always did me in.

Kara took the time to lay all the hearts out in even rows on the coffee table, bending over in the process and showing her ass to the drooling man in the room. As she angled my way, I reached over and lightly trailed my fingertips along the inside of her leg from her knee to the curve of her ass. I was feeling bold and she obviously didn’t mind.

A soft moan left her throat as she said, “Mmm. Getting started early, are we?” Turning to look in Daniel’s direction, she realized he wasn’t the one touching her. He was sitting back, lounging on the couch, mouth agape, and watching every move my fingers made against her soft skin.

Hesitantly, I removed my hand from her ass. With a curious expression on her face, she looked at me and her eyes went wide with surprise.

“Oh. Wow, Sam,” she said just before she softened her shock with a smile. “Like what you see?”

“I know I sure as hell did,” Daniel blurted out over me. Leave it to a man.

In an attempt to ignore his interruption, I kept my eyes glued to hers and gave her a tender smile and nod. I definitely don’t want to scare her away, but I’m done playing this waiting game. I felt fearless tonight and damn it—I was gonna go for it!

Kara took me by surprise as she bent over so we were nearly face-to-face. Her plump breasts, which I had an eyeful of at this angle, nearly had me salivating like a man in heat. I bit my lip to hide my jaw-dropping lust for her. Seriously, I’m a chick who just so happens to have a crush on her roommate. I shouldn’t be acting so desperate out of lust for her, but I couldn’t help myself. She had me captivated by her every move.

“Now, Samantha. You have to wait until your hearts match if you want to touch me,” Kara said seductively as she licked her lips and turned to sit beside me. Closing my eyes momentarily, I inhaled a shaky breath and was rewarded with a waft of her scent. Gardenias. My favorite.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Daniel adjust himself in his pants. Yeah. If I got my way, he was definitely going to enjoy the activities tonight. To tease him a bit more, I bit my lip and pushed out my chest, causing my already hard nipples to press against the wet fabric even more.

“Okay, so you want me to go first?” I asked, knowing full well it was my turn but desperately trying to get her attention some more.

“Yep! Go for it,” Kara answered as she turned her body toward me and placed her hand on my knee, causing my heart rate to ratchet up even further.

I leaned forward and chose my first heart, allowing my nipple to brush up against her knuckles through my soaked shirt. I flipped the candy over to reveal the words: Blow Me. The phrase on the heart was not what I had hoped for. I don’t mind going down on a guy. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it quite a bit. But I wanted tonight to be only about Kara. The meathead was just eye candy in my opinion.