Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

“Oooh! I bet Daniel is rooting for a match to that one!” Kara said.

Knowing it would make Kara happy, I looked over at him to be sure he was just as into this as we were and gave him a devilish grin. If we’re going to have fun at this game, I need to play the seductress on all fronts. Including him was key if I wanted to have a chance with Kara.

Turning my other heart, I read its words and realized I would have to strip. Bend Over.

“Well, you know what that means!” Daniel said with eagerness. “Strip!”

You would think my already wet, see-through tank would be the first thing to go, but I was beginning to like how it was perking my nipples up just enough to make Kara stare. So, I chose to remove my jean shorts instead.

Quickly, while unbuttoning the shorts, I tried to remember the type of panties I put on earlier that evening. Granny undies would be just my luck in this situation. Thankfully, I remembered I chose a pair of lacy, black bikinis for tonight.

Taking my time, I bent over and slid the jean shorts down my smooth thighs. Stepping out one leg at a time, I could feel their eyes on me. The idea Kara was enjoying this made heat pool deep down in my core.

I threw the shorts across the room and slowly sat back down beside Kara, giving her a panty-drenching smile and a seductive lick of my lips.

After a moment of eye contact, Kara realized it was her chance to go. “Goodie! My turn!” Kara cheered as she clapped her hands together once and bounced lightly on the couch cushion.

Turning her first heart, I could just barely read the words Kiss Me. She didn’t waste any time flipping another heart over and made a match. Let’s hope she wants to explore the idea of kissing me. I would have a hard time not feeling rejected if she chose to kiss meathead instead.

Kara looked at me and asked, “Do you mind?”

I was a bit startled by her asking for my permission. Wait. Was she asking if I would mind her kissing me, or if I would mind her choosing Daniel over me? I had to answer the question as nonchalantly as possible.

“Kara, this isn’t a game of make a match and then ask for permission. You have to do what the hearts say to another player of your choice. So, quit being a ninny and go for it,” I said in an attempt to be as general as possible.

I watched her reach for the two Kiss Me candy hearts and clasp them between her dainty fingers. Seductively, she brought one to her mouth and placed it carefully between her teeth so the heart was upright and the words faced out.

My heart thundered in my chest as I watched her turn slightly in my direction and advance closer to me, the candy heart still clasped between her teeth. She placed her hand on my bare thigh and leaned forward, offering me the candy and her sweet, sweet lips.

Unhurriedly, our lips melded together in an explorative kiss. Blasts of sweet sugar and soft lips consumed my senses. Just the touch of her mouth on mine made my limbs weak.

Kara gently pushed her tongue into my mouth, allowing the sweetness of the candy to flow onto my taste buds. Our tongues met and tangled together, hot and heavy, full of sensual intensity.

My eyes fluttered shut as I brought my fingers up to her face and cradled her cheek in my hand. I felt her muscles loosen as the tension left her body in waves. My tender touch was all she needed to relax and enjoy the moment.

Kara’s hands firmly grasped both of my bare thighs as she deepened the kiss with passion and fire. Leaning my body further into our embrace, I opened my eyes for a moment so I could gauge her reaction and see her beautiful face.

Soft, closed eyelids with long, beautiful eyelashes stared back at me. An indulgent moan escaped my lips at the sight of her so close and full of passion.

A sigh of disappointment almost escaped me as Kara pulled away. Luckily, our separation was just long enough for her to bring the other candy heart to my lips this time. Placing it between my teeth with care, she trailed her fingertip along my bottom lip before grasping gently at my chin, closing the distance from her mouth to mine once more. Her take-charge attitude was making her even more desirable at this moment.

Another spark of energy ignited between us as our lips met again. Sharing the second candy heart, our tongues tangled together in a heated twist of lust. I was thankful these candies melted slowly, giving me that much more time with her lips pressed to mine.

This was my first time kissing a girl and I was confident it wouldn’t be my last. Kara’s lips were silky-soft, her touch tender and adoring. Nothing like a rough, domineering possession one would get from a man. There was no battle for control or fumbling of tongues. We had this unspoken coordination and understanding that took my breath away. The kiss was perfect. It was like we were meant to meld our lips together.

Knowing I couldn’t take any more without touching her more intimately, I decided to slow things down and back away. She held my head with both of her hands, lacing her fingers into my wild, red hair. Our breaths were short and erratic. With our foreheads pressed together, the tension between us exploded like a firecracker, sizzling through our bodies.

“Wow,” Kara whispered as she gazed at me through lazy, lust-filled eyes, our foreheads still touching marginally as we took in deep breaths. Her beautiful, light brown irises looked so much more vibrant when she was turned on, like dark swirls of honey and milk chocolate.