Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

“Yeah,” I agreed, knowing I had waited such a long time for her mind-blowing kiss to overtake me. Forgotten were my doubts and fears. All that existed in this moment was her.

Her touch—her kiss—consumed me entirely.

Daniel cleared his throat, making us both jump slightly—reminding us he was still there.

“Don’t mind me. I could watch you two all night. That was fucking hot!” he said as he propped his elbows on his knees and leaned forward, probably to get a better view of our girl-on-girl action since Kara’s back was turned to him.

Kara leaned in to me and gave me one more quick peck on the lips before turning forward and saying, “Okay, Daniel. Let’s see what you get!”

I was still sitting there, dazed that my lips actually pressed against hers, and even more stunned she enjoyed it.

Meathead didn’t hesitate as he flipped two hearts over almost simultaneously. Kiss Me and Eat Me were his two lucky chunks of heart-shaped sugar.

“Damn. I was so hoping for some more action,” he cursed as he flipped his candy hearts back over. Without wavering, he stood and removed his polo, revealing dog tags. Yup. I guessed right. Military. And damn, he was ripped. Trickling some ice cream on that washboard of his would be a delight.

“Okay, hot stuff. It’s my turn again,” I said excitedly. Quickly turning over a heart, I read the words Blow Me out loud. “Ooh! I remember where the other one was!” With excitement and ease, I turned the first Blow Me candy heart over and made my match.

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” Daniel said with a huge Cheshire cat grin. Leaning back on the couch, resting one arm along the back of the sofa and the other on the armrest, he took his ready position.

Knowing I had to do what the hearts instructed and wondering how Kara would react, I made my way over to where Daniel sat and knelt in front of him.

I was hoping Kara would say something to give me the go-ahead for this. I knew it was just a game, but she did bring the gorgeous guy home and therefore she should have first crack at his dick.

As I unbuttoned his jeans, Kara inched closer and began trailing her fingers up and down the rigid muscles on his chest. I had to smile at the move she just made. Not only did she silently give her permission, but the way she stared at me told me she moved closer because she wanted to get a better look.

I pulled Daniel free and my smile broadened even more. Damn. He was fully erect and hung. Wrapping my lips around his cock was going to be very pleasurable, especially if Kara kept looking at me with such hunger in her eyes. She might have been hungry for Daniel, but that kiss we just shared proved she wouldn’t mind a little one-on-one with me as well.

Just as my lips closed around Daniel’s dick, his girth expanded marginally and a manly moan caressed my ears. I started working my way up and down, making sure to pay special attention to the ridge around his head with my tongue.

Within moments, I felt Kara’s fingers sweep my hair up and out of my face, holding a handful of strands at the back of my head. With such a soft and tender touch, I didn’t have to look up to know it was her fingers holding my hair. As I became more vigorous with my movements and suction, I felt a few small spurts of saltiness hit my tongue.

After a few minutes, Daniel started to tremble slightly, letting me know he was getting close. I was about to look up at him when I heard Kara softly warn him by saying, “Uh uh. Don’t you dare come. This game isn’t even close to being over yet.”

I understood that to be my queue and backed off, licking my way up his shaft and then licking my lips as I met his stare. Looking up at Daniel’s face, I saw a look of disappointment flash across his features and knew if he was any less of a man, he would have began whining in protest.

“Damn. He looks yummy,” Kara said gruffly as she licked her lips and stared at his erection. “All right. My turn!”

I repositioned myself back on the other side of Kara and patiently waited for her to choose her hearts. Her hearts didn’t match, causing her to remove her top and revealing a cute, red push-up bra that displayed her perfect breasts flawlessly.

Several turns later, I was completely naked while Kara and Daniel wore only their skivvies.

“Let’s do this next one together,” I told Kara, needing a little more action to happen. I was beginning to drip my wetness all over our leather couch cushions.

“You read my mind!”

She was excited to change things up a bit too. She definitely looked sexy in nothing but her red, satin thong, but I was dying to get it off her. As we counted to three, we each grabbed a single heart and turned them over at the same time, revealing two matching Suck My Tits.

“That’s the one I wanted,” I blurted out, totally not filtering my words before I spoke them aloud.

“Really?” Kara asked, seeming to be sincere in her confusion.

“Of course. I mean, look at you. Anyone who doesn’t want a mouthful of that is insane,” I admitted as I gestured to the beautiful rack beside me.

“Well, okay then!” she said as she turned in my direction to give me better access. “But, since we both turned over the same hearts, it’s only fair that I get my turn to taste yours as well.”