Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

“Hell yeah,” I agreed.

“Alright, enough of this game. C’mon you two,” Daniel said as he stood up and held both his hands out for us, his erection making a pop-tent out of his boxer briefs.

“You don’t want to play anymore?” Kara asked innocently. I completely agreed with the meathead. We needed a bed, some sheets, and a much more comfortable and intimate atmosphere to finish this sexual torture.

“I would play that game all night with you girls if you wanted to. But, I think both of you agree we don’t need the game as an icebreaker anymore to get what we want,” Daniel explained as he led us down the hall towards Kara’s room. Daniel held her hand while she clung to me with the other. That’s the first smart thing the man said all night!

“Do you want this?” Kara said as she hesitated by her door, tightening her grip on my hand and looking at me for permission.

“More than you realize,” I responded honestly.

Once in the room, I led Kara over to the bed, sat her down on the edge, and knelt between her legs. Trailing one hand up her body while wrapping my other arm around her waist, I brought her flush against my skin and cradled one of her breasts in my hand.

Sticking my tongue out, I gently explored her nipple, tasting and feeling it as if she were a delectable dessert I had to take my time to enjoy. Closing my mouth tenderly, I began to suck and flick the sensitive bud with my tongue.

Her exquisite moans became muffled as Daniel stood beside me and kissed Kara, making her lean into me further in the process. Her nipple was warm and soft against my tongue as I continued to enjoy her warmth in my mouth. I lightly caressed her other tit with my thumb, making the bud harden even more.

My clit began to throb and ache with the sexual needs building inside me. Determined to put Kara’s needs before my own, I grasped her waist more forcefully and pulled myself closer to her as I switched my mouth to her other breast.

“Oh!” she cried out, surprised at the intense reaction her body was having to my passionate touch.

One of Kara’s hands lifted from my shoulder and grabbed onto Daniel’s cock. As I continued to lavish her nipples with attention, I looked up to her and watched her soft mouth close around the head of his dick. A low growl rumbled through his chest as her movements became more vigorous.

Needing to get off my knees, I slowly got up and sat next to Kara on the bed, allowing Daniel the room to stand between us. Almost immediately, she offered him to me, his dick still slick from her onslaught.

As she held him steady for me, I trailed my tongue up his shaft and swirled it around the crown. Never fully taking him into my mouth allowed Kara to do the same. Both of us licked up and down, teasing him until he shook with anticipation.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take my throbbing clit any longer, Daniel gently pushed us both by the shoulders, guiding us to lie down onto the bed, so she and I were pressed up against each other. Our boobs slightly touched on one side, skin on skin, making me wish this night would never end.

As I stared at Kara, I felt thick, strong fingers trail around my hip and head toward my wet folds. Never looking away from her beautiful face, I spread my legs further apart for Daniel’s searching fingers.

Kara leaned in and placed a soft, tantalizing kiss on my mouth. As soon as Daniel found my sensitive spot, a low moan emanated from my mouth, vibrating around Kara’s wet, delicate lips. His touch was initially too rough, causing me to wince and slightly back away from Kara’s kiss.

After placing my hand gently on Daniel’s to let him know he needed to ease up and play nice with my clit, I looked over at Kara, meeting her gaze, and found her smiling at me with her hair falling wistfully to one side of her face.

Without warning, she leaned over, grabbed the back of my neck, and crushed her mouth to mine once more. She kissed me with such hunger that it nearly made me convulse on the spot. I melded to her, certain her touch was exactly what I needed all this time.

I could feel Daniel’s breath on my inner thigh, letting me know just what he wanted to do. Taking my right leg, he hiked it up over his shoulder, giving him easier access to my drenched pussy.

Kara opened her eyes just in time to watch my reaction as Daniel’s tongue made contact with my oh-so-sensitive clit. I closed my eyes as I cried out in pure pleasure. Kara’s gentle hand clamped around my sensitive nipple, massaging and toying, causing the dual sensations to push my nerves into overdrive.

Needing to touch her, feel her, I reached over and coaxed her to open to me. She turned to face me a little more and hiked her leg up onto Daniel’s other shoulder, essentially opening herself to my desires.

Greedily, I passed my shaky fingers over her tight tummy and cute belly button ring, down to her sex. Devouring her mouth again, I began fingering her pussy, realizing she was just as wet as I was at the moment.

Damn, Daniel was good. He not only licked, but also sucked and nibbled on my sensitive clit, causing me to whimper and allowing Kara’s kisses to muffle my vocal pleasures.

Daniel backed away and walked out of the room, stating he had to go get the condoms from his pants pocket. We both sat up, wishing he had thought about that before he dragged us in here.