Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

Ever impatient, Kara began pushing me back down onto the bed gently, following my descent with her lips again attached to mine. Once my back was flush with the bed, she broke our liplock, straddled my waist, and began making her way down my jawline, neck, collarbone…

“Oh, God,” I huffed as I felt her soft lips explore my sensitive skin.

Without noticing Daniel come back into the room, I felt his fingers suddenly working their way into my pussy, which was now completely drenched. As soon as Daniel used his other hand to please Kara, she pulled away from me momentarily to moan and look at me with animalistic hunger.

I emitted a soft gasp when her lips touched my neck once more and her hands began to toy with my nipples. Each time her thumb brushed softly against my breasts, chills went racing down to my sex, tightening all the nerves and sending me into a downward spiral.

My fingers laced through her hair, grabbing onto the back of her head. I thrust my hips forward as I tilted my head back into the mattress. My eyes fluttered shut as I enjoyed her sensual touch, her tongue, those wonderful lips, against my skin.

Kara cupped my breasts gently in her palms and then closed her mouth over one of my nipples.

My breath escaped in a hiss as pleasure exploded through my body. Her soft playfulness was very different from a man’s eager touch. The feel of her delicate tongue, the playful kneading of her lips, even the warmth of her breath, were all a tormenting combination of ecstasy.

“God, I love your breasts,” she murmured as she switched to the other nipple and repeated the tantalizing assault with her tongue.

I twined my fingers into her hair, grabbing fistfuls and holding her tighter against me.

“Kara,” I whispered. She had me so turned on that I was surprised my voice worked at all. With the sound of her name, she lifted her lips from my breast and looked up at me, waiting for me to finish what I was going to say. “I want to taste you. Will you let me lick you?”

She looked at me puzzled for a moment and Daniel pulled his fingers out of both of us, obviously anticipating her answer. Within moments, she nodded her head and gave me a tentative smile.

She looked worried, so I reciprocated with a reassuring smile of my own to let her know this was definitely something we would both enjoy.

Allowing her to reposition herself so she was laying flat on the bed gave me a moment to admire her beauty. She was still wearing her red thong, which had to be rectified rather quickly because I was dying to dive into her. I had never done any of this before, but that didn’t mean I never fantasized about it.

Positioning myself between her legs, I gently looped my fingers through the thin straps of her thong and slinked them down her silky smooth thighs, flicking the fabric across the room as soon as soon they were off completely.

Before I had a chance to lower myself onto the beauty before me, Daniel pressed his hard body and even harder erection against my back, wrapping his arms around me and thumbing my nipples.

“Kara, I need to ask you something before we continue,” he said over my shoulder. “I would love nothing more than to fuck this beautiful creature from behind while I watch her lick your pussy, but I don’t want to offend you. Are there limits I need to know of?”

I thought it was awfully courteous of him to ask, considering he was originally Kara’s date for the night.

Kara didn’t hesitate with her answer, which made me all the more confidant she just fancied him for sex and nothing more. “No limits, Daniel. As long as you have Sam’s permission, I’m good. My only limitation with both of us is protection.”

Agreeing with my best friend and hopefully my new lover, I nodded. Daniel responded by grabbing my face and kissing me briefly before pulling away and allowing me to do my thing.

Looking at Kara beneath me, I had no choice but to say what was on my mind. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Christ, Samantha. How long have you felt this way?” she asked as she searched my eyes for an answer.

Lowering over her, but still keeping myself propped up, I said, “We’ll talk later. Now is the time for me to make you scream.”

A smile spread across my face, which in turn, caused her to let out a tiny giggle at my boldness. Yeah, I was determined to make her thoroughly enjoy every moment of this night.

I sat back up on my knees, and with steady fingers, I trailed my hands down the front of her gorgeous, toned body. I marveled at her plump breasts, her cute, pink belly button ring, and that sexy tattoo she had on her hip. A small, simple tattoo of a heart—perfection.

I slowly began my descent, causing her skin to explode in a flurry of goose bumps. Just the feel of her soft skin against mine caused a constant flood of crackling warmth to sizzle through my body. Her back arched, seeking more of my attention.

She sucked in a quick breath of air when my lips closed around her nipple again and my tongue began toying with her peak. I nipped at the bud, grazing her puckered skin with my teeth and smiling each time I made her gasp.

The sharp, tantalizing feel of my mouth on her caused her to moan, throwing back her head to push out her chest and give me better access.

I continued my way downward, slicking my lips and tongue all over her stomach and hips. My warm breath tickled over the small triangle of curls just above her wetness. I glided my hands under her thighs, grabbing the backs of her knees, and spreading her to gain better access.